Tuesday, 23 June 2020

2020 Day 175

2020 Dedh Cans Trei Ügens ha Pemdhek

De Meurth, tryja warn ügens mis Efen
Tuesday, 23rd June

Golôwan ew. En Kernow thew hedna ow styrrya cres an hav. Lies bledhen alebma tho an bobel a Gernow golohyjy an howl ha herwedh an gis anjei a wrüg anowy tanjesyow e'n cottha nos. Canajow Cristyon a's ledyas dhe dreylya dhe'n nos ken degol Jôwan Baptist. Ma hedna ow rei an hanow - Gool + (J)ôwan > Golôwan. Ma lavar coth: Gwâv en Hâv terebo Golôwan, ha Hâv en Gwâv terebo Nadelik. Martesen tho an awel pub pres andhiogel. E'n vledhen ma da ew an gewer, saw na ellen nei anowy tanjes veth, etho nei a viras orth fylmys ha fotos dhort bledhednyow ew tremenys, ornys gen Agan Tavas ha Keffrysyans a Gowethasow Kernow Goth. Aga arwòdh a dherevyans ew palores.

It's St John's Eve. In Cornwall that means the middle of summer. Many years ago the people of Cornwall were sun-worshippers and according to custom they lit bonfires on the shortest night of the year. Christian missionaries persuaded them to change to the night before the feast of St John the Baptist. That gives the name - Gool + (J)ôwan > Golôwan. There is a proverb: Winter in Summer until Mid-summer, and Summer in Winter until Christmas. Perhaps the weather was always unreliable. This year the weather is good, but we can't light any bonfires at all, so we looked at films and photos from years gone by, organised by Agan Tavas (Our Language) and  the Federation of Old Cornwall Societies. Their symbol of revival is a chough.
Deg ger rag hedhyw: Ten words for today

andhiogel unreliable, uncertain
cadnas (m) missionary > (pluralcanajow
cowethas (m) society, association
derevyans (m) revival
golohyjy (plural) worshippers < (singulargolohyas (you can also use gordhyoryon gordhyer)
keffrysyans (m) federation, confederation
ledya to lead, persuade
ornys organised < (verborna
tanjes (m) bonfire > (pluraltanjesyow
tremenys past, gone by

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