Monday, 22 June 2020

2020 Day 174

2020 Dedh Cans Trei Ügens ha Peswardhek
De Lün, nessa warn ügens mis Efen
Monday, 22nd June

Ew hebma dedh da? Kemyskys ew. Gwres ew genam pemp mask, bes lebmyn na ellama gwil moy. Ow jynn a wrüg fyllel. Neptra ew lettys. Ma'n najedh ow qweskel lett calish. Nag ew ow gour lowen naneyl. Y jynn falhy a wrüg fyllel. Na vedn ev obery na velha drefen bos terrys an grügys drivya. An genter-dro ew stag ewedh ha na ell ev y owna. E'n gwelha pres thew an gwels trehys - bes ev a vedn tevy - en üskis! Otta teylû a jôkys - pemp edhen dhort an chymbla - ow whilas preves e'n gwels berr. Ma rüdhek ewedh ow tos dhe vires orth an peth ow hapnya. Bes thew kei an gentrevoges a'y wrowedh diswar. Ha trei-harr a venja sedha war gisten.

Is today a good day? It's mixed. I have made five masks, but now I can't make any more. My machine went wrong. Something is jammed. The needle is hitting a hard obstacle. My husband isn't happy either. His lawn mower has gone wrong. It will no longer work because the drive belt has snapped. The screw is stuck as well and he can't mend it. Fortunately the grass is cut - but it will grow - fast! Here's a family of jackdaws - five birds from the chimney - looking for insects in the short grass. There's a robin as well come to look at what's happening. But the neighbour's dog is lying down oblivious. And three legs would like to sit on a box.

Deg ger rag hedhyw: Ten words for today.

fyllel to go wrong
grügys (m) belt
gweskel to hit, strike
jynn falhy (m) lawn mower
kemyskys mixed, confused
kenter-dro (f) screw
lett (m) obstacle
lettya to jam, obstruct
najedh ~ naja (f) needle
stag stuck

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