Sunday, 21 June 2020

2020 Day 173

2020 Dedh Cans Trei Ügens ha Terdhek

De Sül, kensa warn ügens mis Efen
Sunday, 21st June

Gellys ew an cottha nos ha'n hirra dedh. Lebmyn thew ev termyn rag treylya. An dedhyow a wra lehe ha'n nosow a wra cressya. An howl o ort y greffa hedhyw, bes an awel a wra treylya mòy tòbm drefen bos an dor ha'n mor whath  tòbm. Mowns ow qwitha an tòbmder. Sîn an Zodiak a wra treylya avorow ewedh. Thewa hedhyw an diwettha dedh an Evellyon ha nessa ma'n Canker (po Crang) ow tos. Res ew dhebm gwil lymnansow nowydh.  De a veu pednbloodh gevellyon et ow theylû ow honan. Aga thas a wrüg byldya "chei gwedhen" ragtans et aga rom gwary. Tasek pur godnyk ew ev! Martesen e vedh treylyans et ow bownans. Scon, martesen, my alja mos mes emesk pobel moy. Res ew dhebm bos parys. My a gavas jynn gwrias coth ha meur a wias - oll liwyow deffrans - ha dallath gwil mascow bejeth.

The shortest night and the longest day have gone. Now it's a time for change. The days will get shorter and the nights will get longer. The sun was at its strongest today, but the weather will get hotter because the ground and the sea are still warm. They store the heat. The sign of the Zodiac will change tomorrow as well. Today is the last day of Gemini (the Twins) and next Cancer (the Crab) is coming. (I must do new illustrations.) Yesterday was the birthday of twins in my own family. Their father built them a "tree house" in their playroom. He's a very clever daddy! Perhaps there will be a change in my life. Soon, perhaps, I could go out among more people. I must be ready. I found an old sewing machine and lots of material - all different colours - and started making face masks.

Deg ger rag hedhyw: Ten words for today

bejeth (f) face
cottha > an cottha shorter > the shortest
creffa > an creffa  stronger > the strongest
an Evellyon or an Evellas Gemini (star sign)
gevellyon (m. pl.) twins > (f. equivalentgevellesow
gwias (m) fabric, material
gwrias (m) sewing
hirra > an hirra longer > the longest
jynn gwrias (m) sewing machine
tas > tasek (m) father > daddy

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