Monday, 29 June 2020

2020 Day 181

2020 Dedh Cans Pajar Ügens ha Wonan

De Lün, nawes warn ügens mis Efen
Monday, 29th June

Ma othom dhe nei a nerth et agan treven, bes res ew dhen consydra an ayredh. Etho thew electricita an gwella mars ew "glas". Nag eus whans dhe nei a vôg veth. E'n gwettha pres nag ew an gwedhednow ha linednow nerth pur deg, ha antel ens dhe edhyn. Ma avisyans war bub gwedhen, ow leverel "Antel a Vernans, Gwith Alebma". Bes na wôr edhyn redya. Rag hedna, an vran ma a veu tredanledhys. Bes an geryow "electricita" ha "tredan" - abele üjy anjei ow tos? Na veu ger en Sowsnek ken whetek cans, nenna Wella Gilbert a scrifas lever en Latin ha devisya ger nowydh dhort "electrum" an ger rag "amber". (Ev o fisycyon Metêrnes Elisabeth 1.) Ma hedna ow dismygya "electricita". Gwrewgh rutya tabm a amber ha gwil electricita sevylyek. Bes "tredan"? Lhuyd a scrifas "fatl'üjy colowy ha tredna". Ew "tredan" kemyskys gen "tredna"?

We need power in our houses, but we must consider the climate. So electricity is the best if it is "green". We do not want any smoke. Unfortunately the power poles and lines are not very beautiful and they are a danger to birds. There is a warning on every pole saying "Danger of Death, Keep Off". But birds don't know how to read. Therefore, this crow was electrocuted. But the words for electricity - where do they come from? There was no word in English before 1600, then William Gilbert wrote a book in Latin and coined a new word from "electrum", the word for "amber". (He was Queen Elizabeth 1's physician.) That explains "electricity". Rub a piece of amber and make static electricity. But "tredan"? Lhuyd wrote "how it lightenings and thunders". Is "tredan" (electricity) confused with "tredna" (to thunder)?

Deg ger rag hedhyw: Ten words for today

abele? whence?, where from?
antel (f) danger
avisyans (m) warning, notice, sign
devisya ger nowydh to coin a new word
electricita (m) electricity (alternative to tredan)
fisycyon (m) physician 
mernans (m) death
nerth (m) power
tredanladha to electrocute (kill with electricity) > tredanledhys
tredna to thunder < taran (f) thunder

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