Friday, 5 June 2020

2020 Day 157

2020 Dedh Cans Seytek ha Dogens

De Gwener, pempes mis Efan
Friday, 5th June
Whath na ellama mos pell. Bloodh vy ew môy es deg ha trei ügens, nag eus carr dhebm (na vedhama drîvyores saw, en neb cas!) ha nag eus 
cübmyas dhebm rag vajya en buss. Terweythyow my a wra kerdhes war nans ha termyn aral my a wra kerdhes war venedh. Etho, my a gar An Gwias. Gans hedna my ell vajya pell et ow federyansow.  My a wrüg hedna oll ow bownans - pub pres my a veu deraglys en scol! Pedn scav! Lebmyn my ell kesscrifa gen kerens ha kescowetha en Kembra, Englond, Âwstralia, Zelond Nowydh, an Statys Ûnyes America, Enesow an Werhes.  Môy üskis ew avel letherow, ha my ell gweles aga powyow teg. My ell eneth mos en efanvos ha mires orth telleryow dhort a-vadn ûhel. Gwrewgh mires orth an plen an gwary ma dhort efanvos ha dor. Ellowgh whei gweles Lo an Jowl?   My ell mires orth enep an loor gen Rod Lyon ewedh. 

I still can't go far. I'm over seventy years old, I don't have a car (I won't be a safe driver, anyway!) and I don't have permission for travelling on a bus. Sometimes I will walk downhill and another time I will walk uphill. So, I love The Internet. With that I can travel far in my thoughts. I've done that all my life - I was always in trouble at school! Scatterbrain! Now I can correspond with relatives and friends in Wales, England, Australia, New Zealand, the United States of America, the Virgin Islands. It's quicker than letters, and I can see their beautiful countries. I can even go into space and look at places from high above. Look at this playing place from space and ground. Can you see the Devil's Spoon? I can also look at the surface of the moon with Rod Lyon. 
Deg ger rag hedhyw: Ten words for today

deragla to chide, scold, tell off, berate
drîvyores (f) driver
kerens relatives
kesscrifa to correspond
kescowetha colleagues, associates, friends
pederyans (m) thought, idea, etc.
pedn scav (m) scatterbrain, absent-minded, scatty
vajya to travel, journey, voyage
war nans downhill
war venedh uphill

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