Saturday, 20 June 2020

2020 Day 172

2020 Dedh Cans Trei Ügens ha Dewdhek

De Sadorn, ügensves mis Efen

Saturday, 20th June

Ma nebes geryow en Kernôwek gen môy es üdn styr. Nei a viras orth “glas” - an liw rag losow ha'n mor. Ottòbma onan aral anodhans - “brith”. Hedhyw my alja leverel “glas ew an gwedh” ha “glas ew an mor” po “brith ew an mor”. Tewal o an mor reb an gorwel ha gwydnak reb an tewednow. Terweythyow ma aran brith, brith aga fetalys ha brith purpur aga del, war dôwyn. E veu üdn aranen et ow lowarth a-gensow, bes na wörama pehen. De Lün nei a welas an gog, brith hy ascra. Ma puscas brith ewedh. Hanow coth rag briel ew “brithel” - ha brith ew ev. Na alja an Romans conqwerrya pobel fers e'n Noor. Anjei a's descrifas avel payntys drefen bos tatouys po liwys gen glesyn. Nei a wrüg aga gelwel Brithoryon. Ha Kernowyon ell bos gwiskys en brith!

There are several words in Cornish with more than one meaning. We looked at “glas” - the colour for plants and the sea. Here's another one of them - “brith”. Today I could say “the trees are green” and “the sea is grey/blue” or “the sea is striped”. The sea was dark by the horizon and whitish by the dunes. Sometimes there are spotted orchids, with freckled petals and purple spotted leaves, on a dune. There was one orchid in my garden recently, but I don't know what kind. On Monday we saw the cuckoo with a striped chest.There are striped fish as well. An old name for a mackerel is “brithel” - and it is striped.The Romans could not conquer a fierce people in the North – they described them as painted because they were tattooed or dyed with woad. We called them Picts. And Cornishmen can be dressed in tartan!

Deg ger rag hedhyw: Ten words for today

aran brith (pluralspotted orchids > (singulararanen vrith

briel (m) mackerel > (pluralbrilly (can also mean trout)

brith striped, spotted, freckled, dappled, painted, etc.

Brithoryon Picts

conqwerrya to conquer

glas green, grey, blue

glesyn (m) blue dye, woad

gwydnak or gwednek whitish

petalys petals

tewal or tewl dark

tewednow (plural) dunes < (singulartôwyn (m)

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