Tuesday, 16 June 2020

2020 Day 168

2020 Dedh Cans Trei Ügens hag Eth
De Meurth, whehtegves mis Efen
Tuesday, 16th June

Ma caletter brâs dhe werthoryon flourys. Nag eus nagonan ow perna flourys lowr e'n termyn ma. Etho, anjei a wrüg determya dhe gawas Seythen Flourys Bretednek. "Gwrewgh gòrra flourys Bretednek et agas beister ha kemeres foto," emedh anjei. An werthores flourys ma a wrüg endelha. Otta hei gans hy flourys teg. Whei ell gweles môy war https://www.britishflowersweek.com/Bes pandr'ew flourys Bretednek? Ma gwers gen Shakespeare, Bardh Avon (en Lavüryansow Kerenja Kellys). Rag hedna, godhvedhys ew nebes flourys en termyn Shakespeare. Ma nebes flourys gen henwyn cuckou. Pandr'ew "cuckoo buds" Sowsnek? Thens a liw melyn. Anjei alja bos pâwbran, bes gwell ew genam an brâssa melyn y gors. Bes ma "les an gog" ha "melyngog" en Kernowek rag "marigold" en Sowsnek - ha pan vaner a "marigold" ew hedna? Alja anjei bos an "cuckoo buds" Shakespeare? Ha'n flourys gwydn-arhans? Termyn my a veu môs my a wrüûsya an hanow "lethores" po "lethvergh" - hanow aral ew "hevis an Werhes". Tho an prasow glas leun a'n bleujow an gog ma pub gwenton.

Florists have a big problem. Nobody is buying enough flowers at this time. So, they decided to have a British Flowers Week. "Put British flowers in your window and take a photo," they said. This florist did just that. Here she is with her lovely flowers. You can see more on ... But what are British flowers? There's a verse by Shakespeare, the Bard of Avon (in Love's Labours Lost). Therefore, some flowers in Shakespeare's time are known. There are several flowers in cuckoo names. What are English "cuckoo buds"? They are of yellow hue. They could be buttercup, but I prefer the larger marsh marigold (kingcup). But there is "les an gog" and "meligog" for "marigold" in English - and what sort of marigold is that? Could they be Shakespeare's yellow "cuckoo buds"? And the silver-white flowers? When I was a girl I used the name "milkmaid" - another name is "Lady's smock". The water meadows were full of all these cuckoo flowers every spring.
Deg ger rag hedhyw: Ten words for today

Bretednek British (you may prefer to use a Vreten Veur of GB)
cors (collective pluralmarsh
godhvedhys known
gwerthores flourys (f) florist
gwerthoryon flourys (pluralflorists, flower sellers < gwerther flourys (m)
hevis an Werhes  (m) Lady's smock, cuckoo flower
les an gog (m) marigold, calendula
lethores/lethvergh (f) milk maid, lady's smock, cuckoo flower
melyngog (m) marigold
melyn an gors (m) marsh marigold, kingcup
pan vaner? what kind, what sort, what variety, etc.?
pâwbran (m) buttercup, crowsfoot

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