Friday, 12 June 2020

2020 Day 164

2020 Dedh Cans Trei Ügens ha Pajar

De Gwener, dewdhegves mis Efen
Friday, 12th June

Gocky o vy, ha ma othom dhebm a wedrow golok nowydh - berrwelyek oma. My a veu myskemerys de. My a wrüg kerdhes dres an chei eglos arta e'n mettin hedhyw. Nag üjy bledhen etek cans trei ügens ha dew war grows an chei eglos - thew an vledhen etek cans dogens ha dew! Thew hedna ügens bledhen derag. Ew an vledhen na a vry? Pur devry. Lies Scol Kenedhlek a veu fondys rag avonsya adhescans adro dhe'n grejyans. Ha dhort an kethsam bledhen y veu warbydn an laha rag oll benenes ha mòsy, ha mebyon yonca vel deg bloodh, dhe lavürya dadn dor en balyow.  Saw en Kernow na wrüg benenes ha mòsy lavürya dadn dor en neb cas - acowntys anfujik o hedna. An mòsy ha'n vebyon alja mos dhe'n Scol Kenedhlek reb an eglos.  Ma reknans pobel 1841 ow tisqwedhes nebes flehes en Bolingey. Martesen anjei eth dhe'n scol nowydh. A wrüg anjei kerdhes dres agan bownder dhe scol? Era an kethsam flourys ha reden ow tevy e'n keow?  

I am daft, and I need new glasses - I'm short-sighted. I was mistaken yesterday. I walked past the church house again this morning. Year 1862 isn't on the church house cross - it's the year 1842! That is twenty years earlier. Is that year significant? Most certainly. Many National Schools were founded to promote religious education. And from the same year it was against the law for all women and girls, and boys younger than 10 years old, to work underground in mines. But in Cornwall women and girls didn't work underground anyway - that was considered unlucky. The girls and boys could go to the National School by the church. The 1841 census shows several children in Bolingey. Perhaps they went to the new school. Did they walk past our lane to school? Were the same flowers and ferns growing in the hedges?

Deg ger rag hedhyw: Ten words for today

adhescans education 
avonsya to promote, advance
a vry significant
berrwelyek short-sighted
derag earlier
devry certain, certainly
fondya to found
gocky daft, silly, foolish
kenedhlek national
warbydn an laha against the law

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