Saturday, 7 December 2019

2019 Day 341

Dedh Trei Hans Dogens hag Onan

De Sadorn, seythves mis Kevardhû
Saturday, 7th December

Ow whei pedn scav? My ew pecar'a hedna termyn hir! Ello whei senjy ta et agas preder? Thera vy pub pres ow predery a neb tra aral. An prederow vy ow qwandra lies gweyth. Menowgh ew neb tra kellys genam drefen bos cott ow co. Pe le ma ow hamera? Nag eus fotos nowydh veth dhebm rag hedhyw. Res vedh dhebm whilas nebes pictours coth. Pe mater a dal vy debatya? A wrüga vy kemeres fotos mis Kevardhû eus passyes? Na ellama aga trouvya. Ma othom dhebm a sarchya. My a gavas nebes ymajys war wiasva. Ma dew wharvos ow tos. Nessa de Yow e vedh dewisyans kebmyn. Dick Cole ew ombrofyer rag party Mebyon Kernow. Ma Nadelik ow tos ewedh. Òta dew maw bian ow vysytya Tas Nadelik hag y gyrwas ergh. Mowns ow marhoga en stiej.

Are you absent-minded? I've been like that for a long time. Can you concentrate? I'm always thinking about something else. My thoughts often wander. I have often lost something because I am forgetful. Where is my camera? I don't have any new photos at all for today. I shall have to look for some old pictures. What subject should I discuss? Did I take photos last December? I can't find them. I need to search. I found some images on a website. Two events are coming. Next Thursday there will be a general election. Dick Cole is a candidate for the Mebyon Kernow (Sons of Cornwall) party. Here are two little boys visiting Father Christmas and his reindeer. They are riding in a sleigh.

Deg ger rag hedhyw: Ten words for today

cott ow co forgetful (possessive matches subject; lit. short my memory)
debatya to discuss, debate (you can also use dispûtya)
gwandra to wander
menowgh often (you can also use lies gweyth)
pedn scav absent-minded
prederow thoughts
sarchya to search (you can also use whilas)
senjy ta et agas preder to concentrate (possessive matches subject)
trouvya to find (you can also use cavas)
ymajys images < singular ymach

Friday, 6 December 2019

2019 Day 340

Dedh Trei Hans ha Dogens

De Gwener, wheffes mis Kevardhû
Friday, 6th December

An chapel war an menedh en Porthia a veu chapel morek rag marners, saw ma eglosyow morek brâs ha bian en Kernow ewedh. Ma towl dhe Ûnivesita Caresk en Penryn dhe whithra radn anodhans, gen mòna dhort an Arghas Ertach. Gwrewgh mires orth an gwiasva ma:
En termyn eus passyes thera res dhe epscobow dhe dhefendya aga radn an cost, rag hedna thew nebes eglosyow castalek lowr. Òja etek cans hag eth (Act Grylls) thera res dhe bluwyow encledhyas marners beudhys en dor sacrys. Ma nebes eglosyow pur nes an treth. En Mawnan Smith ma whath bedh morlader.

The chapel on the hill in St Ives was a maritime chapel for sailors, but there are large and small maritime churches in Cornwall as well. Exeter University in Penryn has a project to research some of them, with money from the Heritage Fund. Look at this website: In past times bishops had to defend their part of the coast, so some churches are a bit fortified. After 1808 (Grylls' Act) parishes had to bury drowned sailors in consecrated ground. Some churches are very close to the beach. In Mawnan Smith there is even a pirate's grave.

Deg ger rag hedhyw: Ten words for today

Arghas Ertach Heritage Fund
beudhys drowned
Caresk Exeter
castalek fortified (you can also use kerys)
eglosyow churches
gwiasva website (an gwias the internet + va suffix denoting place)
morek maritime (you can also use arvorek or simply a'n mor)
morlader pirate
towl project, plan (some people use ragdres)
whithra to research (you can also use madra or stüdhya to study)

Thursday, 5 December 2019

2019 Day 339

Dedh Trei Hans Nawnjek warn Ügens

De Yowpempes mis Kevardhû
Thursday, 5th December

Creiys ew Porthia warlergh sans. Saw ma môy es üdn sans en Porth Ia. Sent Ia nag ew hy honan oll. Òttena! Ma chapel war venedh, ar an mor. Chapel Sen Nicholas, sans tasek marners, ew ev. Avorow a vedh Degol Nicholas, gool a bris en nebes powyow. Piw ew Sent Nicholas? Ev a veu espak en pajwora cansbledhen, en Myra (lebmyn en Turkî) reb an mor. Rag fra ew ev a bris? Sans tasek flehes ew ev. Dhe radn an bobel thew ev pecar'a Tas Nadelik. Larj o ev hag a ros royow dhe flehes da. Anjei a wrüg gara aga skichow reb an daras hag ev a wrüg gòrra mòna ettans. E'n Iseldiryow thew ev Sinterklaas. Ma hedna ow rei dhe nei agan Santa Claus. Agan flehes a greg lòdrow (na skichow) reb an chymbla en Gool Nadelik.

St Ives is named after a saint. But there is more than one saint in St Ives. Saint Ia is not all alone. See there! There is a chapel on a hill, overlooking the sea. It is the chapel of St Nicholas, the patron saint of sailors. Tomorrow will be the Feast of St Nicholas, an important festival in some countries. Who is St Nicholas? He was a bishop in the fourth century in Myra (now in Turkey) by the sea. Why is he important? He is the patron saint of children. To some people he is like Father Christmas. He was generous and gave presents to good children. They left their shoes by the door and he put money in them. In the Netherlands he is Sinterklaas. That gives us our Santa Claus. Our children hang stockings (not shoes) by the chimney on Christmas Eve.

Deg ger rag hedhyw: Ten words for today

a bris important, of value
ar overlooking
degol saint's day, feast, festival (you can also use gool)
hy honan oll all alone (the possessive should match the subject)
larj generous
marner sailor
powyow countries (you can also use gwlasow)
royow presents, gifts verb rei to give
sans tasek patron saint
skichow shoes < singular eskis

Wednesday, 4 December 2019

2019 Day 338

Dedh Trei Hans Etek warn Ügens

De Merher, pajwora mis Kevardhû
Wednesday, 4th December

Môy ew darvedhys hedhyw. Ow gour a venja trehy an gwels, etho res veu dhen removya an pilyow gòdhor gen pal ha kibel. An kensa carten Nadelik ew devedhys. Ma Nadelik ow tos! Ken Nadelik e vedh disqwedhyans art en Scol Truru. Ev a vedh rag cherita. “Children's Hospice South West” ew cowethyans rag alüsonow. Mowns o qweres dhe flehes gen condicyons ow thew aga bownansow, ha dh'aga theylûyow ewedh. Ev a gost môy es deg milvil pens pub bledhen dhe witha ôpyn aga theleryow. Ma dhebm bordys disqwedhyans en crow. Ma Truru naw mildir en peldar, etho res veu anjei bos cùntellys gen nebonan. An disqwedhyans a wra dalla de Gwener, rag trei dedh.

More has happened today. My husband wanted to cut the grass, so we had to remove the mole-hills with a spade and tub. The first Christmas card has arrived. Christmas is coming! Before Christmas there will be an art exhibition in Truro School. It will be for charity. “Children's Hospice South West” is a charitable body. They help children with life-threatening conditions, and their families as well. It costs more than £10 million each year to keep their places open. I have display boards in a shed. Truro is 9 miles away, so they had to be collected by someone. The exhibition will begin on Friday, for three days.

Deg ger rag hedhyw: Ten words for today

alüsonow alms, charitable gifts
costya to cost
darvedhys happened, occurred (you can also use wharvedhys)
devedhys arrived, come (you can also use drehedhys)
gweres + dhe to (give) help (to)
milvil million (you can also use milyon)
ôpyn open (you can also use egor)
telher or teller place > plural teleryow (note spirant mutation after aga their)
teylû family plural teylûyow (note spirant mutation after aga their) – not the easiest thing to pronounce , so you might prefer aga fobel their people or aga herens their relations
thew to threaten (you can also use godros)

Tuesday, 3 December 2019

2019 Day 337

Dedh Trei Hans Seytek warn Ügens

De Meurthtryja mis Kevardhû
Tuesday, 3rd December

Nag eus traveth wharvedhys hedhyw ha nag eus gwres genam tra veth naneyl. Na wrüga vy mos mes dhe vetya gans o howethesow rag cowl ha Kernôwek en Truru. My a wòrtas chei ha còsca nebes. Ma whath dhebm dewfrig creunys ha drog branja. Theram ow striwy ha pâsa oll an termyn, bes lebmyn ma dhebm lagajow rüdh ow tebra magata. Pandr'ellama gwil? Eus sawment? Ma dhebm jynjer dhort China, limavalow dhort Spayn ha bottel a vitamin C. Anjei alja bos heweres, ma esperans dhebm.

Nothing has happened today and I haven't done anything either. I didn't go out to meet my friends for soup and Cornish in Truro. I stayed home and slept a bit. I still have a congested nose and a sore throat. I am sneezing and coughing all the time, but now I have itchy red eyes as well. What can I do? Is there a cure? I have ginger from China, lemons from Spain and a bottle of Vitamin C. They could be helpful, I hope.

Deg ger rag hedhyw: Ten words for today

chei used as an adverb indoors (you can also use a-jei)
cowethesow ( friends, colleagues (spirant mutation after ow my)
creunys congested (you can also use tagys)
debra to itch
drog branja sore throat
gòrtos to wait, stay, remain preterite a wòrtas
heweres helpful verb gweres to help
naneyl neither, either negative sense
sawment a cure (you can also use remedy)
traveth nothing (may also be written as two words tra veth or as travyth)
wharvedhys happened (you can also use darvedhys)

Monday, 2 December 2019

2019 Day 336

Dedh Trei Hans Whetek warn Ügens

De Lün, nessa mis Kevardhû
Monday, 2nd December

Thew an nessa dedh gwav hedhyw ha thera rew en nos. Ma'n rew ow terlentry en howl mettin avarr - war an gwels ha'n pilyow godhor. Soweth! Ma nekevys genam nebes plansow. Nag ew da ganjans rew. A wra anjei merwel? Eus tra veth aral alja fyllel? En tei! Ma droglabmow ow tos en trebyl. An second droglam ew ow jynn amontya, ow laptopp. Pandr'ujy va ow qwil? Na ora vy. An tryja caletter ew ow yehes vy. Ma'n annes kebmyn dhebm - gen dewfrig syger, pas e'n branjen - ha thera vy ow striwy heb powes. Na ellama mos mes hedhyw.

It's the second winter's day today and there was frost in the night. The frost is sparkling in early morning sunshine - on the grass and the mole-hills. Oh dear! I have forgotten some plants. They don't like frost. Will they die? Is there anything else that could go wrong? Certainly! Mishaps come in threes. The second mishap is my computer. What is it doing?I don't know. The third problem is my health. I have the common cold - with a leaky nose, a throaty cough - and I am sneezing non-stop. I can't go out today.

Deg ger rag hedhyw Ten words for today.

an annes kebmyn the common cold (also an comyn annes)
droglam mishap > plural droglabmow (note pre-occlusion)
fyllel to go wrong
heb powes without pause, non-stop
nekevys forgotten < verb nakevy or ankevy (note vowel change)
pas cough
striwy to sneeze
terlentry to sparkle, twinkle
yagh healthy, well (from dialect "jack")
yehes health (initial y not pronounced - our old spelling was ehas)

Sunday, 1 December 2019

2019 Day 335

Dedh Trei Hans Pemdhek warn Ügens

De Sülkensa mis Kevardhû
Sunday, 1st December

Warlergh meteorologieth gwav ew lebmyn – an kensa dedh. Pandr'era nei ow qwatyas en gwav? Gwenjow yeyn dhort an norh po an est, cowasow a wens, hager awelyow, enawellow ergh, keser, rew ha cloudys dû, martesen. Mis Kevardhû ew an mis a gewer dû, warlergh y hanow. Bettegens, my a gemeras an maw bian rag kerdh et y gerrik flogh ha jorna spladn o. Blou o an ebòrn gen cloudys gwydn – nag o anjei dû. Res veu dhebm herdhya an kerrik flogh e'n gover war an vownder – war neb coor an dowr a wrüg golhy an rosow! Pan vaner cloudys o anjei? Ma lies hanow skientek (dhort an Laten) rag cloudys dhe düs gewer, saw en Kernôwek nag eus dhe nei bes bohes, martesen commol ha nybels. Nag eus poster veth hedhyw. Thew an cloudys commol dheram ow predery.

According to meteorology it's winter now – the first day. What do we expect in winter? Cold winds from the north or the east, squalls, storms, snow storms, hail, ice and dark clouds, perhaps. December is the month of dark weather, according to its name. However, I took the little boy for a walk in his buggie and it was a lovely day. The sky was blue with white clouds – they weren't black. I had to push the pushchair in the stream on the lane – anyway, the water washed the wheels! What type of clouds were they? Weathermen have lots of scientific names (from the Latin) for clouds, but in Cornish we only have a few, perhaps cumulus and nimbus. There's no thundercloud today. The clouds are cumulus, I think.

Deg ger rag hedhyw: Ten words for today

bettegens however, nevertheless
cowasow a wens plural squalls
enawellow ergh plural snow storms
gwatya to expect
gwenjow plural winds < singular gwens (SWFM gwynsow < gwyns)
hager awelyow plural storms
kerrik flogh (m) pushchair, buggie
keser collective hail keseren (f) hail stone> plural keserednow
warlergh according to
war neb coor anyway