Thursday, 21 January 2021

2021 Day 21

2021 Dedh Onan warn Ügens

De Yow, kensa warn ügens mis Genver

Thursday, 21st January

 Ma tû bera arhans en pub cloud tewal. Gellys ew an glaw (moy po le) ha ma'n howl ow spladn (dhort termyn dhe termyn). E'n androw, howl isel a wòlowas emann toppys an gwedh ha gwelyow. Scattrys et ow lowarth, ma temmigow a liw, flourys gòlow òbma hag ena. Ens flourys gerys war dhelher gans an vledhen eus passyes po ens flourys nowydh rag an vledhen ma? Lôwender flourys! Ma buddys flour rüdh tew war an camellia. Nag ew rosen an flour ma, rosliw y betalys ha melyn y beyl. My a gar an gwethy et y betalys. An Hebe ew gwydnrüdh denty, pecar'a lâss.

There's a silver lining in every dark cloud. The rain has gone (more or less) and the sun is shining (from time to time). In the late afternoon, a low sun lit up the tops of trees and fields. Scattered in my garden, there are little bits of colour, bright flowers here and there. Are they flowers left behind by last year or are they new flowers for this year? The joy of flowers! There are fat red flower buds on the camellia. This flower, with pink (rose-coloured) petals and yellow pollen, is not a rose.  It's another camellia. I love the veins in its petals. The Hebe is more delicate pink, like lace.

Deg ger rag hedhyw: Ten words for today

androw (m) late afternoon

arhans ~ argan (m) silver

buddys buds

gerys war dhelher left behind

lôwender (m) joy, glee, gladness, etc.

petalys petals

peyl (m) pollen

rosliw pink, rose-coloured

scattrys scattered

temmigow little bits, fragments < temmik (m)

tû bera (m) lining, inside


Wednesday, 20 January 2021

2021 Day 20

 2021 Dedh Ügens

De Merher, ügensves mis Genver

Wednesday, 20th January

Gleb ew an jedh. Glaw a wra. Coth o vy ha na vadna vy mos mes. Saw nag o vy whath mar goth avel Noy - ha nag ew an gewer mar leb avel en termyn Noy. Ma'n Beybel ow leverel hebma. "Whegh cans bloodh o Noy pan dheuth Livyow dowr war an norves. … Dew ügens dedh ha dew ügens nos an Liv a bejyas war an norves." Ma othom dhebm a bottys stanch, saw na vedh othom dhebm a Lester. Nag o vy awenys dhe dedna po liwya, na dhe gemeres fôtôs naneyl. Res vedh dhebm whithra pictours a Livyow ha meur a dhowr war an wiasva. Dew cans bledhen gellys Gericault a liwyas "Scath Cloos an Medusa" - gwel a wreck. Adro dhe pemp cans bledhen ha hanter cans gellys nebonan heb hanow a liwyas "An Liv Meur" gen Lester Noy ha bush brâs a düs e'n dowr.  Radn brâs anodhans a gollas aga dilhas. Moy es pajar ügens bledhen gellys Paul Klee a liwyas "Ma'n Liv ow Còlhy Citys Dhe Ves". Nag eus pobel veth dhe vos gwelys.  

The day is wet. It rains. I am old and I do not want to go out. But I am not yet as old as Noah - and the weather is not as wet as in Noah's time. The Bible says this. "Noah was six hundred years old when Floods of water came on the world. … For forty days and forty nights the Flood continued on the world." I need waterproof boots, but I don't need an Ark. I am not inspired to draw or paint, nor to take photos. I shall have to research pictures of Floods and lots of water on the internet. Two hundred years ago Gericault painted "The Raft of the Medusa" - a scene of a shipwreck. About 550 years ago someone anonymous painted "The Great Flood" with Noah's Ark and a crowd of people in the water. Many of them lost their clothes. More than 80 years ago Paul Klee painted "The Flood Washes Away Cities". There are no people to be seen.

Deg ger rag hedhyw: Ten words for today

awenys inspired (you can also use inspirys)

bush brâs a düs (m) crowd of people

dilhas (collectiveclothes

gòlhy dhe ves to wash away

gollas (preterite) lost < (verb) kelly

gwreck (m) shipwreck

liv (m) flood

norves(m) world

pejya ~ pesya to continue, persist

scath cloos (f) raft < cloos hurdle, wattle, rack

whithra to research, investigate


Tuesday, 19 January 2021

2021 Day 19

2021 Dedh Nawnjek

De Meurth, nawnjegves mis Genver

Tuesday, 19th January

 Ma sawarn wheg e'n keow, pecar'a vanilla. Nag ew an flourys ma genejek, nag ens a Gernow. An vysytors a Afryca ma ew vysytors welcòm, wheg saw lies gweyth scübellek, awos an gewer ha'n kerry war an vorr. Flourys gorow ens, payonüs bes coog. Nag ew an gwav re arow whath, etho ma flourys bian en nebes teleryow. Nag ens perfûmys. Saw wòja rew, leun ew an ayr a vlas - onyon po kednin. Nag eus tra veth dhe vos gwelys - an del ew pecar'a gwels. Ma flourys war ow moyha kerys eythin oll an vledhen - pecar'a lantorns münys.     

There's a lovely smell in the hedgerows, like vanilla. These flowers are not native, they aren't Cornish. These African visitors are welcome visitors, sweet but often scruffy, because of the weather and the traffic on the road. They are male flowers, showy but barren. The winter is not too harsh yet, so there are little flowers in several places. They are not perfumed. But after a frost, the air is full of a bad smell - onions or garlic. There is nothing to be seen - the leaves are like grass. There are flowers on my favourite gorse all the year - like minute lanterns.

Deg ger rag hedhyw: Ten words for today

blas (m) bad smell

coog barren, empty, unproductive

genejek native

gorow male

kednin (collective) garlic

lantorn (m) lantern, lamp

lies gweyth often

payonüs showy < payon (m) peacock

perfûmys perfumed, scented

scübellek scruffy, shabby


Monday, 18 January 2021

2021 Day 18

2021 Dedh Etek

De Lün, etegves mis Genver

Monday, 18th January


Còmplys ew creftoryon e'n Beybel Sans. En Exodus scrifys ew "Ev re wrüg aga lenwel a skiantoleth dhe wil pub ober a vedha gwres gen gravyor, po gen desiner, po gen brochyer in neujen las ha purpur ha cogh hag en lien fin-nedhys, po gen gwiader". Ma carpentoryon e'n Beybel ewedh. Noy a wras y lester a predn. Mater meurgerys ew gen artistys dres an cansbledhednyow. Patron Lester Noy - gans oll an bestes - o cübmyes avel "gwaryel Sül" en teylûyow cryjyk. Lies anodhans o gwres a bredn (po martesen a sten). Nei a wel an whel-ober, moy sevür, gravyoryon a ven war lies men co.  (Ma losow saw nag eus bestes.) 

Craftsmen are mentioned in the Holy Bible. In Exodus is written "He has filled them with wisdom to do every work made by the engraver, or by designer, or by the embroiderer in blue and purple and red thread in fine-spun linen, or by the weaver." There are carpenters in the Bible as well. Noah made his vessel out of wood. It's a favourite subject with artists throughout the centuries. A model of Noah's Ark - with all the animals - was allowed as a "Sunday toy" in religious families. Many of them were made of wood (or perhaps of tin).  We see the, more serious, efforts of stone engravers on many memorials. (There are plants but no animals.)

Deg ger rag hedhyw: Ten words for today

brochyer (m) embroiderer (KS brosyor) < (verb) brojya

carpentoryon carpenters

còmpla to mention, comment > còmplys (verbal adjective)

creftor (m) craftsman > (plural) creftoryon

cübmyes allowed, permitted

gravyor (m) engraver

gwaryel (f) toy

gwiader (m) weaver (KS gwriador)

Lester Noy (m) Noah's Ark

nedhys spun, twisted < (verb) nedha

skiantoleth (m) wisdom


Sunday, 17 January 2021

2021 Day 17

2021 Dedh Seytek


De Sül, seytegves mis Genver

Sunday, 17th January


Nei a gerdhas war venedh war tûa Rün. Nag eus bes bohes treven ena. Ma tüs yonk ow taswil skiber goth. An meyn reb an mor a vedh gorrys et aga telher arta. Ma gwel fîn dhort òbma. Nei alja gweles tüs war an treth. Da lowr ew kerdhes rag agan yehes. Nag eus person veth war an plen golf. Nag eus lies carr war an vorrow, bes ma rosow lowr! E veu teylû gen pajar beik. E veu sira war deyr ros vrâs ow qweres dhe vos vian war dhiw ros vian. E veu lowarther gen gravar ros, üdn ros, ewedh.

We walked uphill towards Reen. There are only a few buildings there. Young people are renovating an old barn. The stones by the road will be put back in their place again. There is a fine view from here. We could see people on the beach. It's OK to walk for our health. There's not a single person on the links. There aren't many cars on the roads, but there are plenty of wheels! There was a family with four bikes. There was a father on three big wheels, helping a little girl on two small wheels. There was a gardener with a wheelbarrow, one wheel, as well.

Deg ger rag hedhyw: Ten words for today

beik (m) bike

da lowr OK, alright

daswil ~ daswül to renovate, renew

gravar ros (m) wheelbarrow

gwel (mf) view

plen golf (m) links

ros (f) wheel

skiber (f) barn

war venedh uphill

yehes (m) (silent y) health



Saturday, 16 January 2021

2021 Day 16

2021 Dedh Whetek

De Sadorn, whetegves mis Genver

Saturday, 16th January

Sehys nebes ew an vôwnder, etho nag eus othom dhen tremena res reb an poll e'n pras agan kentrevogyon. Nag eus othom a skichow (eskisyow) po bottys stanch na velha (fella). Thew an enep nebes sqwachyes, saw my ell mires emann en le mires dhe'n dor. Thew an gwens dhia'n noor-west. My ell gweles cloudys e'n ebòrn. En sciens a'n gewer my ell trouvya deg hanow rag cloudys deffrans. Peseul a henwyn eus en Kernôwek?  Nag eus deg hanow cloud. Ow leshenwyn an moyha kerys ew "Metêrn an Cloudys" (rag cumulonimbus) hag "ebòrn briel" (rag cirrocumulus).  Ma "cumulus" ow menya "bern". Thew an cloudys ell bos gorrys emann en bern dhort level isel bys dhe level pur ûhel. "Nimbus" ew hanow rag cloudys ow drei glaw hag ergh. An re ma ew an cloudys tewal, loos po dû. Ma "cirrus" ow menya cüden (cudyn) blew. Cloudys cirrus oll ew pur ûhel. Ma yey ettans.

The lane has dried up a bit, so we don't need to cross a ford by the pool in our neighbours' field. There is no longer a need for waterproof shoes or boots. The surface is a bit broken, but I can look up instead of looking down. The wind is north-westerly. I can see clouds. In meteorology I can find ten names for different clouds. How many names are there in Cornish? There are not ten cloud names. My favourite nicknames ar "King of the Clouds" (for cumulonimbus) and "mackerel sky" (for cirrocumulus). "Cumulus" means "heap". The clouds can be piled up from a low level to a very high level. "Nimbus" is the name for clouds bringing rain and snow. These are the dark clouds, grey or black. "Cirrus" means "lock or tuft of hair". All cirrus clouds are very high. There is ice in them.

Deg ger rag hedhyw: Ten words for today

briel (m) mackerel > (pluralbrilly

dhe'n dor down, downward

emann up, upward

henwyn names < hanow (m)

leshan ~ leshanow (m) nickname

Peseul a ? How many ? (with plural noun)

sciens a'n gewer (m) meteorology

skichow ~ eskijyow shoes < eskis (m)

stanch waterproof

tremena res to ford, cross a ford