Thursday 30 November 2023

2023 Day 334

2023 Dedh Trei Hans Peswardhek warn Ugens

De Yow, degves warn ugens mis Du

Thursday, 30th November

Thew an mis ma mis cott. Ha hedhyw a dal bos an diwettha dedh a gidnyadh. Avorow, e vedh an kensa dedh gwav meteorologieth. Bes pandr'ew hedna? Na ellama gweles an gwedh. Nag ewa glaw. Ma ergh war an to. Devedhys ew gwav re a-varr (a-bres). Fatel ew an gewer war an treth? Ma camera dhe'n tavern rag mires orth an mordarth. Podnys ew an treth gen ergh ha gwag ewa. Fatel ew an gewer reb an âls sooth? Ma ergh moy en Penryn. Whei ell gweles olow treys e'n lowarth. Nebes scolyow ew degëys. Ynflamyes ew an flehes saw nag ew an ergh pur vas rag ehes (yehes) plansow banana.

This month is a short month. And today should be the last day of autumn. Tomorrow, it will be meteorological winter's first day. But what is that? I can't see the trees. It is not rain. There is snow on the roof. Winter has arrived too early. How's the weather on the beach? The pub has a camera to watch the surf. The beach is dusted with snow and it is empty. What is the weather like by the south coast? There is more snow in Penryn. You can see footprints in the garden. Some schools are closed. The children are excited but the snow is not very beneficial for the health of banana plants.

Wednesday 29 November 2023

2023 Day 333

2023 Dedh Trei Hans Terdhek warn Ugens

De Merher, nawes warn ügens mis Dû

Wednesday, 29th November

Agan sêsons en Sowsnek ew en caboulva (saw nag eus caletter en Kernôwek). Piw a wrüg an badd ober? Dew emprour Roman ew an gorryp (gorthyp) - Julius hag Augustus. Lebmyn thew an seythves mis ha'n ethves mis henwys warlergh an emprours na. Etho, ma'n misyow niverys en rew own, saw nag üjens en le own. An seythves mis ew lebmyn an nawes mis. Mis Gwedngala en Kernôwek - heb bern. An ethves mis ew lebmyn an degves mis. Mis Hedra en Kernôwek - heb bern. An nawes mis ew lebmyn an üdnegves mis. Mis  en Kernôwek - heb bern. An degves mis ew lebmyn an dewdhegves mis. Mis Kevardhû en Kernôwek - heb bern. Plansow ew kemyskys ewedh - ma radn anodhans ow plejyowa re a-varr. Ma gwarnyans a ergh en Dewnan (Pow Densher). A wra va drehedhes Kernow?

Our seasons in English are in a muddle (though there's no problem in Cornish). Who did the crime? Two Roman emperors is the answer - Julius and Augustus. Now the seventh month and the eighth month are named after those emperors. So, the numbered months are in a correct sequence, but they are not in the right place. The seventh month is now the ninth month. The month of white straw in Cornish - no problem. The eighth month is now the tenth month. The month of stag bellowing in Cornish - no problem. The ninth month is now the eleventh month. The dark/black month in Cornish - no problem. The tenth month is now the twelfth month. The month of dark/black weather in Cornish - no problem. Plants are muddled as well - some of them are blooming too early. There is a snow warning for Devon. Will it reach Cornwall?

Tuesday 28 November 2023

2023 Day 332

2023 Dedh Trei Hans Dewdhek warn Ugens

De Meurth, ethves warn ügens mis Dû

Tuesday, 28th November

Ma sawarn wheg, pecar'a vanilla, ow tos dhort flourys reb an vownder.  Aga hanow Laten ew Petasites fragrans - radn an teylû cajow. Nag ens flourys pur deg - nebes plos ens drefen an prei ha del marow. Flourys gorow ens ha provia bleus a'n flourys rag gwenen gwag en gwav (martesen rag an gwenen e'n gist bost!). Gellys ew del dhort lies gwedhen. Lebmyn nei ell gweles neppeth en branchys gwag. Ew hedna neyth gwywer loos po neyth colobmen coos. A vedh boos rag an gwav? Ma debrys solabres ew oll an know coll gen an gwyweres.

There is a sweet smell, like vanilla, coming from flowers by the lane. Their Latin name is Petasites fragrans -part of the daisy family. They are not very beautiful flowers - they are rather dirty because of the mud and dead leaves. They are male flowers and provide pollen for hungry bees in winter (perhaps for the bees in the postbox!). Leaves are gone from many trees. Now we can see something in empty branches. Is that a grey squirrel's nest or a wood pigeon's nest? Will there be food for the winter? The squirrels have already eaten all the hazel nuts.

Monday 27 November 2023

2023 Day 331

2023 Dedh Trei Hans Udnek warn Ugens

De Lun, seythves warn ugens mis Du

Monday, 27th November

Ma othom dhebm a dhanon lether, saw res ew dhebm kerdhes war-nans bys en Melinjy po war vena by en Peran Treth. Rag fra? Na ellama usya an gistbost ogas en Cookes. Ma trigoryon dhodho. Nag eus rom lowr rag letherow, ha ma cor e'n toll alwhedh, ewedh.

I need to send a letter, but I have to walk downhill to Bolingey or uphill to Perranzabuloe. Why? I can't use the nearby letterbox in Cocks. It has occupants. There's not enough room for letters and there is wax in the keyhole, too.

Sunday 26 November 2023

2023 Day 330

2023 Dedh Trei Hans Deg warn Ugens

De Sul, wheffes warn ugens mis Du

Sunday, 26th November

E'n vledhen diw mil ha seyth thera an governans ow pedery nag era tus lowr ow tesky tavasow. Nebes universitas a dhevisyas towl - an Skeyl Tavasow - rag flehes kensa scol bys dhe adhescans uhel. Ma whegh degre, en seytek gradh. Ma pajar gallos - gosowes, clappya, redya ha scrifa. Marthys rag an tavas Kernowek - saw na veu mona lowr dhe vos rag. Bes thewa towl da ha sempel dhe sewya. Gradh Onan Gosowes: "My ell convedhes nebes geryow ha lavarow cowsys ha aswonys. Gradh Seytek ew meur moy callish!

In the year 2007 the government was thinking there weren't enough people learning languages. Some universities devised a scheme - the Languages Ladder - for primary school children up to higher education. There are six stages in 17 grades. Wonderful for the Cornish language - but there wasn't enough money to continue. But it's a good, simple scheme to follow, e.g. Grade One Listening: I can understand a few familiar spoken words and phrases. Grade 17 is much more difficult!

Saturday 25 November 2023

2023 Day 329

2023 Dedh Trei Hans ha Naw warn Ugens

De Sadorn, pempes warn ügens mis Dû

Saturday, 25th November

Etegves arwòdh an Zodiak, an Scorpyon, a dhiwedhas kensa warn ügens mis Dû, ha'n nawes, arwòdh an Sether, a dhallathas nessa warn ügens mis Dû. An Scorpyon ew sin dowr ha'n Sether ew sin tan. Ellowgh gweles an ster?

The eighth Zodiac sign, Scorpio, ended on the 21st November, and the ninth sign, Sagittarius (the Archer), began on 22nd November. Scorpio is a water sign and Sagittarius is a fire sign. Can you see the stars?

Friday 24 November 2023

2023 Day 328

 2023 Dedh Trei Hans hag Eth warn Ugens

De Gwener, pajwora warn ugens mis Du

Friday, 24th November 

Company Dowr Sooth-West a fonias. Na vedh dowr dhe nei trei our. Rag fra na? Ma whel dhe wil war an menedh. An vorr ew degëys ewedh. Nei ell treylya a-dhyhow saw na ellen nei treyla a-gledh. My ell gweles trònk-carr mos ha dos, Ma splatt derevel war nans. Nag ujy udn lewyer crejy an arwòdh. Ev a res treylya a-dro.

South-West Water Company phoned. We will not have water for three hours. Why not? There is work to do on the hill. The road is closed too. We can turn right but we cannot turn left. I can see a lorry coming and going. There is a building site downhill. One car driver does not believe the sign. He has to turn round.