Monday, 21 January 2019

2019 Day 21

Dedh Onan warn Ügens

De Lün, kensa warn ügens mis Genver
Monday, 21st January

 Me a glowas lev ûhel bian en pras ha me a viras emann. Pandr’era dhe vos gwelys? Ma deves e’n pras ha ma eyn dhe radn anodhans solabres. Ma ôn dû dhe dhavas wydn. Nebes deves ew whath gen flogh. Res ew dhodhans gòrtos pols bian moy. Ma torr tew dhe keniver onan.
I heard a little high voice in a field and I looked up. What was there to be seen? There are sheep in the field and some of them have lambs already. A white sheep has a black lamb. Some sheep are still pregnant. They must wait a while longer. Each one has a fat belly.

Sunday, 20 January 2019

2019 Day 20

Dedh Ügens

De Sül, ügensves mis Genver
Sunday, 20th January

Ma loor leun haneth e’n nos, henwys Loor Bleydh en America Norh. E vedh (y fydh) difygyans an loor moy diwettha – saw na wra vy y weles. Me a vedh en cosk. An loor a wra treylya rüdh – loor wooj. Radn an Norves na vedn gweles an difygyans drefen bos an loor mes a wel. Ma’n Norves tredh an howl ha’n loor, ow towla skeus.
There is a full moon tonight, called the Wolf Moon in North America. There will be a lunar eclipse later – but I won’t see it. I’ll be asleep. The moon will turn red – a blood moon. Part of the Earth won’t see the eclipse because the moon will be out of sight. The Earth is between the sun and the moon, casting a shadow.

Saturday, 19 January 2019

2019 Day 19

Dedh Nawnjek

De Sadorn, nawnjegves mis Genver
Saturday, 19th January

Gwydnrüdh po rüdhwydn? Ros po rosliw po kigliw? Da ew genam an liw ma, gen glas dres ehen. Ma flourys rüdhwydn dhebm gen sawarn wheg. Da ew genam cotheneb ewedh – taclow coth, an copart bian ma rag sampel. Ma lehednow gwedrys warnodho - rosliw, rüdh, glas ha dûlas,  ha marbel brith gen rüdh ha kigliw.  
Reddish-white (pink) or whitish-red (pink)? Rose (pink) or rose colour (pink) or flesh colour (pink)? I like this colour, especially with green. I have pink flowers with a sweet smell. I like antiques as well – old things, this little cupboard for example. There are glazed tiles on it – rose colour, red, green and dark green, and marble mottled with red and pink.

Friday, 18 January 2019

2019 Day 18

Dedh Etek

De Gwener, etegves mis Genver
Friday, 18th January

En Truru ma nebes treven brâs (broas) ha pur fin. Ma dhodhans kemüsüryow da. Gwell ew genam an treven coth, derevys gen marchons rych ha tüs brâs. Ma dhe hebma degrëys (grisyow) euthyk ha lowarth bian ewedh. Reb an degrëys, war an tû cledh ha war an tû dyhow, ma diw berth camellia gen flourys kigliw (gwydnrüdh). Chei Mansyon ew – derevys e’n ethdegves cansbledhen. Otta gravyans coth anodho.
There are some large and very elegant buildings in Truro. They have good proportions. I prefer the old buildings, built by rich merchants and important people. This one has an impressive staircase and a little garden as well. By the staircase, on the left side and on the right side, there are two camellia bushes with pink flowers. It is the Mansion House built in the 18th century. Here is an old engraving of it.

Thursday, 17 January 2019

2019 Day 17

Dedh Seytek

De Yow, seydhegves mis Genver
Thursday, 17th January

En termyn eus passyes, hedhyw a veu “Dewdhegves Nos”. Nena, treylys veu an calander dhort “Julian” dhe “Gregorian” ha nag ew an jedh hedna na moy. Pab Gregor XIII a wrüg commendya y galander e’n vledhen pemdhek cans pajar ügans ha dew bes na veu va ûsys en Breten Veur ken bledhen seytek cans dogans ha dewdhek. E’n jedh hedhyw thew Dewdhegves Nos wheffes mis Genver. Eus wharvos hedhyw? Termyn ew dhe “wassel” en avalednow cider – dhe eva yehes an gwedh ha voydya spryjyon drog. Nena e vedh trevas da a lavalow e’n kidnyadh.
In a time that is past, today was “Twelfth Night”. Then the calendar was changed from “Julian” to “Gregorian” and the day is not that any more. Pope Gregory XIII introduced his calendar in the year 1582 but it was not used in Great Britain before year 1752. Nowadays Twelfth Night is 6th January. Does anything happen today? It’s time to “wassail” in cider orchards – to drink the trees’ health and drive out bad spirits. Then there will be a good harvest of apples in the autumn.

Wednesday, 16 January 2019

2019 Day 16

Dedh Whetek

De Merher, whetegves mis Genver
Wednesday, 16th January

E veu areth spladn haneth. Sophie Capron ew lymner pur dha ha leun a whedhlow dhe les ew hei. Plesys o nei dhe wosôwes orty ha dhe weles hy oberow. Lymner ew hei bes nag üjy hei ow ûsya scübylednow paynt veth. Da ew genjy collel palet rag gorra paynt ha plaster ha taclow erel war ganfasys ha bordys brâs (broas). Eneth hei a ûsyas bleus horn gossednek ha coton. Martesen ma deg gwily en üdn pictour. Da ew genjy scurrya ha gwil cravajow ha kemeres nebes paynt ha plaster dhe ves. Nag ew hy fictours smoth. Terweythyow ma hei ow ûsya jynn scurrya ha torchen lesky. Hy maner a liwya ew anpeth bes ma agas lagas ow qweles ymachys. Hei a veu cadnas rag Kernow en Lorient (Breten Vian) en 2015. 
There was a brilliant lecture this evening. Sophie Capron is a very good painter and she is full of interesting stories. We were pleased to listen to her and to see her works. She is a painter but she does not use any paint brushes at all. She likes a palette knife to put paint and plaster and other things on big canvases and boards. Once she used rusty iron filings and cotton. Perhaps there are ten layers in one picture. She likes to scrape and make scratches and take some paint and plaster away. Her pictures are not smooth. Sometimes she uses a sander and a blow torch. Her style of painting is abstract but your eye sees images. She represented Cornwall in Lorient (Brittany) in 2015.

Tuesday, 15 January 2019

2019 Day 15

Dedh Pemdhek

De Meurth, pemdhegves mis Genver
Tuesday, 15th January

Otta cülyek (RLC killiak) heb lôst! Nag ew caletter brâs (broas) dhodho. Ev ell tevy lôst nowydh, thera vy ow pedery (me a breder). Ma odhom dhodho a nebes plüv hir moy. Martesen anjei a wra tevy en gwenton. Bes otta cath heb hanter lôst! Na ell hei tevy lôst nowydh. Ma odhom dhedhy a eskern ha kig moy, ha nag ew hedna possybyl. Hy lôst a veu senjys en daras tan poos. Nag eus dhedhy bes trei garr ewedh. Kellys ew an pajwora garr. E veu (SWFM y feu) droglam dhe’n gath. An garr a veu sqwachys ha res veu dhe’n medhek best y gemeres dhe ves. Nag eus caletter brâs dhe’n gath. Hei ell kerdhes ha ponya ha lebmel gen trei garr, keth ew hei cath goth lebmyn ha ma hei ow tremena an radn brassa a’y termyn en còsk. 

Behold a tail-less cockerel! It’s not a big problem to him. He can grow a new tail, I think. He needs some more long feathers. Perhaps they will grow in spring. But behold a cat without half a tail! She needs more bones and flesh, and that is not possible. Her tail was caught in a heavy fire door. She only has three legs as well. The fourth leg is lost. The cat had an accident. The leg was broken and the vet had to take it off. The cat doesn’t have a big problem. She can walk and run and jump with three legs, though she is an old cat now and she spends most of her time asleep.