Wednesday, 20 March 2019

2019 Day 79

Dedh Trei Ügens ha Nawnjek
De Merher, ügensves mis Meurth
Wednesday, 20th March 

Mal ew genam mos dhe’n bagas art gordhûher. E vedh areth gen Victoria Hilliard. Ma dhedhy stûdio ha shoppa kevradnek en Porthia. Pur dha ew genam hy oberow en prei. Preiweythores ew hei saw nag ew hei potores. Ma hei ow cül pictours en trei dimensyon. Mons ow scòllya mes war an frammys. Losowores (po lowarthores) dha ew hei. Hy losow ha frûtys (an pes ha lavalow ma, rag sampel) ew pur “wir”. Gelwys a veu Peter Skinner (gweythor en cor) en kensa dallath, bes na alja va dos. Martesen ev a vedn dos termyn aral.

I’m looking forward to going to the art group this evening. There will be a talk by Victoria Hilliard. She has a studio and a shared shop in St Ives. I like her works in clay very much. She is a worker in clay but she is not a potter. She makes three-dimensional pictures. They spill out onto the frames. She is a good botanist (or gardener). Her vegetables and fruits (e.g. these peas and apples) are very “real”. Peter Skinner (a worker in wax) was invited originally, but he couldn’t come. Perhaps he will come another time.

Tuesday, 19 March 2019

2019 Day 78

Dedh Trei Ügens hag Etek
De Meurth, nownjegves mis Meurth
Tuesday, 19th March

Drehedhys ew gwenton. Leun a flourys ew oll an keow ha ma lies ôn ow cressya e’n prasow. Ma bûhesigow Duw ow difüna. Spern dû ew cüdhys gen blejyow gwydn. Re a-varr ew rag an del ha re a-varr ew rag spern gwydn. Radn an flourys ew genejek dhe’n enesow ma, saw ma nebes erel ow corlesa. Ma nebes henwyn teleryow warlergh ehen genejek (meur ras dhe Craig Weatherhill rag an samplys ma):
SPARGO (Spergor 1208)                                       Sperngor                                “thorn hedge”
SPARNOCK (Spernek 1280)                                 Spernek                                 “thorny”
SPARNON                                                              Spernen                                 “thorn tree”
SPARNON GATE (Spernen 1327)                        Spernen                                 “thorn tree”
TRESPEARNE (Trespernan c1200)                      Trespernen                            “thorn tree farm”
SPERNIC COVE:                                                      Porth Spernek                         "thorny cove"
Teg lowr ew alsanders, gwer (glas) aga flourys, ha blejow a’n gùckou Spaynek, blou (glas) aga flourys, saw nag eus henwyn teleryow veth dhodhans. Blejow a’n gùckou genejek a wra dos moy diwedhes.

Spring has arrived. All the hedges are full of flowers and there are lots of lambs getting bigger in the meadows. Ladybirds (God’s little cows) are waking up. Blackthorn (sloe) is covered with white blossom. It is too early for the leaves and it is too early for white thorn (hawthorn). Some of the flowers are native to these islands, but some others are invading. There are several place names after native species (thanks to Craig Weatherhill for these examples).
Alexanders, with green flowers, and Spanish bluebells, with blue flowers, are quite pretty, but they don’t have any place names. Native bluebells will come later.

Monday, 18 March 2019

2019 Day 77

Dedh Trei Ügens ha Seytek

De Lün, etegves mis Meurth
Monday, 18th March

Ma ostyjy dhe nei. Na wruga nei a's qwachas. "Mamm Wynn, nei venja ostya genowgh rag pols bian, rag udn nos." "Da lowr." Da ew gen an baby debry y voos. Da ew ganjo losow ha tettys saw thew ev ploos. Ev a dhabras meur a voos saw ev a wrug gara boos whath moy dhe godha. Thew an leur cudhys gen scobmow. Bes pe le ma an boos codhys? Nag eus bes lattis obma. Thera an kei ow cortos. Debrys ew ganjo oll an scobmow, marnas an lattis. Nag ew da salat gans an kei bes  ev a gar flehes ploos.

We have guests. We didn't expect them. "Granny, we would like to stay with you for a little while, for a night." "OK." The baby likes eating his food. He likes vegetables and potatoes but he is messy. He ate a lot of food but he dropped even more food.The floor is covered in bits. But where is the fallen food? There is only lettuce here. The dog was waiting. He has eaten all the bits, except for the lettuce. The dog does not like salad but he loves messy children.

Sunday, 17 March 2019

2019 Day 76

Dedh Trei Ügens ha Whetek

De Sül, seytegves mis Meurth
Sunday, 17th March

Teg bes gwenjek o hei hedhyw. Garrow o an mor. Dedh pur les. An seytegves dedh a vis Meurth ew Degol Padryk. Piw ew Padryk? Ev ew sans tasek Wordhen (saw nag o va Godhal). Pe le veu va genys? Ev a veu genys en Breten Veur, en soth a Alban martesen, en cres an pempes cansvledhen. An den yonk a veu senjys gen morladron. Anjei a’n kemeres dhe Wordhen. Y ober ena o bügelya deves, bes ev a scappyas hag a dhewhelys dh’y deylû in Breten Veur. Òja bos gwres prownter war an brâstir ev eth dhe Wordhen arta ha dallath y whel rag lesa an grejyans Cristyon i’n pow. Padryk a fùndyas eglos. Thera sans aral en Wordhen henwys Pallâdiùs. Lavur an dhew sans ew  kemyskys e’n textow coth. Leverys ew fatell wrug Padryk banyshya serpons en mes a Wordhen (bes dres lycklod nag era serpons en Wordhen en dedhyow Padryk, drefen y dhe verwel en kerdh en oos an yeyn ha na alja anjei dewheles dres an mor).
It was lovely but windy today. The sea was rough. An interesting day. The seventeenth day of March is St Patrick’s Day. Who is Patrick? He is the patron saint of Ireland (though he was not Irish). Where was he born? He was born in Great Britain, perhaps in the south of Scotland, in the middle of the fifth century.The young man was captured by pirates.They took him to Ireland. His work there was shepherding sheep, but he escaped and returned to his family in Great Britain. After being ordained on the mainland he went to Ireland again and began his work for Christian believers in the country. Patrick founded a church. There was another saint in Ireland called Palladius. The work of the two saints is mixed up in the old texts. It’s said that Patrick banished snakes out of Ireland (but probably there were no snakes In Ireland in Patrick’s time, because they had died out in the Ice Age and they could not return across the sea).  

Saturday, 16 March 2019

2019 Day 75

Dedh Trei Ügens ha Pemdhek
De Sadorn, whetegves mis Meurth
Saturday, 16th March 

Thew Chacewater (Dowr an Chas) treveglos vian wheg. Ma dhedhy odyans da. Bagas a dheuth warbarth ena dhe gows adro dhe'n tavas Kernowek ha dhe dowla fatel dhe wil recordyansow ha tacklow erel rag dallethoryon ha tus moy avonssys. Nei a worras oll agan tybyansow warbarth, nei a's kevradnas. Nei a gonsydras pandr'ew an purpos, pandra via an possybylderow, pana bynkow alja nei usya, piw a alja gwil an tacklow ha eus towlenn hewulder? 
A dalvia nei gorra moy war Wikipedia? Oro whei ma Wikipedia scrifys en Kernewek?
Ma odhom dhen a lies artickel dhe les moy. Peth ew benk an gwella dhe dhrehedhes radn brassa an bobel?
Meur ras dhe Carl Morris arta rag lewya agan pederyansow.

Chasewater is a nice little village. It has a good village hall. A group came together there to talk about the Cornish language and to plan how to make recordings and other things for beginners and more advanced people. We put all our ideas together, we shared them. We considered what is the purpose, what would be the possibilities, which platforms could we use, who could do the things and is there a practical plan? 
Should we put more on Wikipedia? Do you know there is Wikipedia written in Cornish?
We need many more interesting articles/items. Which is the best platform to use to reach most people?
Many thanks to Carl Morris again for steering out thoughts.

Friday, 15 March 2019

2019 Day 74

Dedh Trei Ügens ha Paswardhek
De Gwener, pemdhegves mis Meurth
Friday, 15th March 

E veu disqwedhyans pur dhe les hanath en Lys Kernow. Ma meur a whel gwres gen Carl Morris en Kembra adro dhe wil an tavas Kembrek dhe vos kevys dhe dhallethorion ha clappyers der vaner dijital. An cutellyans a dhallathas re dhiwettha - na venja an daffar obery e'n kensa stevel. Res veu dhen chanjya stevel.

There was a very interesting presentation tonight in County Hall. Carl Morris has done a lot of work in Wales about making the Welsh language available to learners and speakers through digital media. The meeting started too late - the equipment wouldn't work in the first room. We had to change rooms.

Thursday, 14 March 2019

2019 Day 73

Dedh Trei Ügens ha Terdhek
De Yow, pajerdegves mis Meurth
Thursday, 14th March 

Soweth, na ellama mos dhe'm bagas art en Lily's, Truru, hedhyw. Nag o vy yagh lowr whath. Farmacy war dreys o vy! Me eth dhe'n vedhegva de adro dhe'm bronkitis, ha namnygen me a gloncas eth pelen vian rag berranal,  üdn belen vras antebiotek, ha teyr pelen erel rag ow holon ha gwask gooj. Gen meur esperans me a vedn bewa rag nebes dedhyow moy ha  na wra vy pâsa de Gwener ha de Sadorn. Pandr'ew mar dhe les adro dhe'n dedhyow na? Kembro Carl Morris a vedn dos dhe Gernow rag gweres dhen gen tybyansow fatel displegya ha gwelha agan devnydhyow e'n tavas Kernowek war linen. Ma dhodho prevyans da en Kembra.

Sadly, I can't go to my art group in Lily's, Truro, today. I am not well enough yet. I'm a walking pharmacy! I went to the doctor's surgery yesterday about my bronchitis, and I have just swallowed eight little pills for asthma, one big antibiotic pill, and three other pills for my heart and blood pressure. Hopefully I will live a few more days and not cough on Friday and Saturday. What is so interesting/important about those days? Welshman Carl Morris will come to Cornwall to help us with ideas how to develop and improve our online materials in the Cornish language. He has good experience in Wales.