Sunday, 7 June 2020

2020 Day 159

2020 Dedh Cans Nawnjek ha Dogens

De Sül, seythves mis Efan
Sunday, 7th June
Termyn ow gour a veu maw, branch a'n vorr gleder GWR a wrüg resek dhort Truru bys en Tewynblistra. Ev alja travalya gen tren dhort y jei en Truru rag spenya dedh war an treth en Peran Porth. Ma'n mappa 1946 ma ow tisqwedhes an vorr. Ma menedhyow brâs ha serth tredh Perran ha Goonhavern, etho, nag ew didro an vorr gleder - ma torn a'n vorr dhedhy en Cocks. E veu res dhe vos ogas dhe Cocks dhe ûsya an ternansow. Ma bankow ha ponsvorr saw na veu othom a givorr veur. Nag eus trenys na moy. Ma gwedh ow tevy war an bankow. Nag eus cledren veth dreus an vorr en Cocks lebmyn. E veu dew stacyon en Peran Porth, an eyl rag an treth hag y gila rag an dre. Pobel dhort Truro a wrüg skydnya reb an treth, saw mos a-bera e'n tren reb an dre - dhe vos sür a gawas scavelEllowgh whei gweles diw velin tredh Cocks ha Bolingey? Onan a veu rag bleus gwaneth saw an aral a veu rag bleus eskern. An eyl a veu treylys dhe dreven hag y gila ew magor. War an mappa whei ell gweles gover ogas dhe'n vorr gleder ha'n melinyow. Ma hedna ena whath reb an velin eskern. Dhort an efanvos whei ell gweles lin a wedh. 

When my husband was a boy a branch of the GWR railway ran from Truro to Newquay. He could travel by train from his house in Truro to spend a day on the beach in Perranporth. This 1946 map shows the route. There are big, steep hills between Perran and Goonhavern, so the railway is not straight - it has a big bend in Cocks. It had to go near Cocks to use the valley lands. There are embankments and a viaduct but there was no need of a great tunnel. There are no more trains. There are trees growing on the embankments. There's not a single rail across the road in Cocks now. There were two stations in Perranporth, one for the beach and the other for the village. People from Truro got out by the beach, but they got on the train by the village - to be sure of getting a seat. Can you see two mills between Cocks and Bolingey? One was for wheat flour but the other was for bone meal. One was converted into houses and the other is a ruin. On the map you can see a stream by the railway and the mills. That is still there by the bone mill. From space you can see a line of trees.

Deg ger rag hedhyw: Ten words for today

bleus eskern (m) bone meal
cledren (f) rail
didro straight, without bend
kivorr (f) tunnel
magor (f) ruin
melin/belin (f) mill
skydnya to descend, alight, get down, get out
ternans (m) vale, valley land
torn a'n vorr (m) turning, bend (in the road)
vorr gleder (f) railway

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