Sunday, 28 June 2020

2020 Day 180

2020 Dedh Cans ha Pajar Ügens

De Sül, ethves warn ügens mis Efen
Sunday, 28th June

Mars eus lowarth dhe nebonan ma dhodho/dhedhy meur a whel dhe wül. Oll an termyn ma whynas ow tevy. Et ow lowarth ma dhebm lies redenen ha  dreys. An manegow rüdh ha'n soudoryon re worfednas bleujowa ha ma mir shiek dhodhans. My a dednas mes bern brâs. Thera kescowethyans dhebm - mola dhû ow can war welen dredan ha rüdhek ow whilas prevyon. Bes na ellama (ha na vadnama) lavürya termyn hir. Ma othom dhebm a gerdhes emesk an prasow ha gwelyow. Ello whei dismygya deffrans ysow? Garednow gwaneth ew serth ha còmpes (ha thew an gwaneth whath glas). Bes gwell ew genam an barlys - ma mir a baly po pelour, gans aga scovarnow blewek, ow qwaya e'n gwens. Ma'n barlys ow talla treylya melyn. Ha res veu dhebm mires orth an men yet arta! Ew hebma crows? 
If somebody has a garden he/she has a lot of work to do. All the time there are weeds growing. In my garden I have many ferns and brambles. The foxgloves and campions have finished flowering and they look a mess. I pulled out a big heap. I had company - a blackbird singing on an electricity pole and a robin looking for insects. But I can't (and I don't want to) work for a long time. I need to walk among the meadows and fields. Can you distinguish different types of corn? Wheat stalks are stiff and straight (and the wheat is still green). But I prefer the barley - it looks like velvet or fur with its hairy ears, moving in the wind. The barley is starting to turn yellow. And I had to look at the gate stone again! Is this a cross?

Deg ger rag hedhyw: Ten words for today

barlys barley
dismygya to distinguish
garednow stalks < (singulargaren (f)
gwaneth wheat
pelour (m) fur
paly (m) velvet
serth stiff
shiek messy, untidy
tredan (m) electricity
ysow types of corn,cereals < (singular) ys

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