Wednesday, 24 June 2020

2020 Day 176

2020 Dedh Cans Trei Ügens ha Whetek

De Merher, pajwora warn ügens
Wednesday, 24th June

Thera nei en diberthva, bes pandr'eus môy moredhek avel gwaryellow flehes heb flehes? My a veu nebes hirethek ow honan de, drefen bos radn ow theylû war an treth ha res veu dhebm gòrtos tre. Anjei ow pur lowen e'n spladnder an howl. An dhew veppik a gar kerdhes war dreth warbarth. Bettegens, môy lowen o vy hedhyw. Thera omweloryon dhen. Anjei a dheuth dhe wary e'n lowarth, gen ombellheans cowethasek, heb mar. Bes re dòbm o an gewer, ha nag era keuj lowr, etho res veu dhodhans mos kerr arta wòja pols bian.

We are in isolation, but what is there more solitary than a children's playthings without children? I was a bit melancholic yesterday, because some of my family were on the beach and I had to stay at home. They were very happy in the sunshine. The two little boys love walking on sand together. However, I am happier today. We had some visitors. They came to play in the garden, with social distancing, of course. But the weather was too hot, and there wasn't enough shade, so they had to go away again after a short while.

Deg ger rag hedhyw: Ten words for today

bettegens however, nevertheless

diberthva (f) isolation, separation

gòrtos tre to stay at home

gwaryel (f) plaything

heb mar of course, naturally

hirethek melancholic, sad, etc.

meppik (m) little boy < mab (+ diminutive ending)

moredhek gloomy, joyless, miserable, etc.

ombellheans cowethasek (m) social distancing

pols bian short while

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