Saturday, 10 January 2015

Learn Late Cornish Bit by Bit - test your progress 2

This gets a bit more complicated than the last progress check. Can you remember or find the bits to translate the following? Answers will follow in a later blog.

Exercise 2a
1 Ma bara moy war an bord.
2 Nag eus aval veth e’n wedhen.
3 Thera pemp benyn.       
4 Ro dhebm keus moy ha tabm bara.
5 Ma hei o tebry bara gen mel.
6 Thera aval et o focket.
7 Me a dhabras bara heb manyn.
8 O teg y gath?
9 Hei a welas hy hath.
10 Nag era manyn war an bara.
Exercise 2b
1 Was it horrible?
2 Was there any honey?
3 He saw a cat.
4 She drinks tea without milk.
5 There were ten men.
6 I came home yesterday.
7 Give me an apple.
8. He sat on the table,
9 but there wasn’t any cake
10 and there wasn’t any tea.

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