Wednesday, 7 January 2015

Learn Late Cornish Bit by Bit 17 - conjunctions 1

Conjunctions 1

Long sentences inevitably contain a little word or two helping to string more than one idea together and making a bit of deconstruction necessary, but don’t worry!

Words to look out for:

ha                                         and (before a consonant)
hag                                       and (before a vowel)
bes                                       but
saw                                       but, except that
po                                         or

onen hag oll                        one and all (Cornwall motto)
bara ha manyn                    bread and butter
te ha tesednow                   tea and cakes

Hei a dheuth rag te ha tesednow bes[1] nag era tesednow.
                                  She came for tea and cakes but there weren’t any cakes.

saw nag era              but there was not  (as an alternative to <bes nag era>)

Ma va owth eva te po leth.
                                  He drinks (is drinking) tea or milk.

[1] In Middle Cornish this is <mes> (it appears superficially to be related to French “mais”), but Gendall spells it <buz> or <byz>, indicating the vowel is schwa. 

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