Saturday, 24 January 2015

Learn Late Cornish Bit by Bit 42 (extending quantities)

Extending quantities

There are several little words we can use to modify adjectives, etc. They all cause soft mutation, e.g.:
pur                                                      very
mar                                                      so
re                                                         too

Hedna ew da.                                     That is good.
Hedna ew mar dha .                          That is so good.
Hedna ew da genam.                         I like that.              
Hedna ew mar dha genam.               I like that so much.

Hebma ew lever pur boos.               This is a very heavy book.
Re boos ew ev rag an estyllen.        It’s too heavy for the shelf.
Rag hedna, ma’n lever poos ma war an leur.             
                                                           Therefore, this heavy book is on the floor.

Cas ew genam an lever na.             I hate that book.
Nag ew pur dhe les.                         It’s not very interesting.
Drog ew, pur dhrog.                        It’s bad, very bad.
Hedna nag ew da gene’vy.              I do not like that.

Old rhyme, giving advice:
Na wrewgh eva re,                          Don’t drink too much,
Bes evow’ rag ’gas sehes,             But drink for your thirst,
Ha hedna, moy po le,                     And that, more or less,

’Vedn gwitha corf en ’ehes.           Will keep a body in health.

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