Friday, 9 January 2015

Learn Late Cornish Bit by Bit - answers to test your progress 1

Answers to Exercise 1a
1 George is in the kitchen.
2 She is going into the kitchen.
3 Is there (any) cheese on the table?           
4 There is not one woman by the sea.
5 He is eating my apple.
6 George is ugly.
7 Is it the door?
8 It’s a window.
9 It’s his.
10 It is not the sheep.
Answers to Exercise 1b
1 üdn den
2 war ladn
3 Benyn ew.
4 Teg ew Kettern.  or  Kettern ew teg.
5 Nag ew hei hager.
6 Ma hei war wely.
7 Ma va o toas.
8 Nag eus kei war an ladn.
9 Eus üdn aval war an bord?
10 Ew davas?

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