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Learn Late Cornish Bit by Bit 36 (More about having things)

More about having things

There are two constructions using prepositions, dhe to and gen with, that indicate having things:

Ma + noun + dhe vy.                       I have + noun (literally There is  noun + to me.)  
Ma + noun + gene’vy.                     I have + noun (literally There is  noun + with me.)  

These prepositions and pronouns can be combined to shorter forms: dhe vy to me becomes dhebm to me, and gene’vy with me becomes genam or genev with me. So “I have” can be:

Ma + noun + dhebm.                       I have + noun  (indicating ownership) 
Ma + noun + genam.                       I have + noun  (not necessarily owning)


Ma lever da dhebm.                    I have a good book. (lit.There is a good book to me.)  
Ma carr nowyth dhebm.             I have a new car. (lit.There is a new car to me.)  
Ma peder cath dhebm.               I have four cats. (lit.There are four cats to me.)  
Ma sagh genam, bes nag ew peth vy.               
                                                     I have a bag (with me), but it is not mine.  

For emphasis you can still use the un-combined preposition and pronoun:

Ma hedna dhe vy.                      I have that.

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