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Learn Late Cornish Bit by Bit 26 (Prepositions 3)

Prepositions 3

The prepositions we have looked at so far are en in, war on, reb by, beside, dhe to, gen/gans with, by, heb without. Now here are two more:

dadn[1]                                            under
rag                                                   for

We can combine these with some of our previous vocabulary, e.g.

dadn an bord                                 under the table
dadn chayr                                    under a chair

Ma va o sedha dadn an bord.     He is sitting under the table  .
Ma kei dadn chayr.                      There is a dog under a chair.

rag an flogh                                  for the child
rag li                                              for lunch
Ma aval rag an flogh.                  There’s an apple for the child.
Thero vy o tebry bara ha manyn rag li.
                                                      I am eating bread and butter for lunch.
The Bible contains plenty of quotations containing numbers. Here is a quotation from Psalm 90:10

Bledhydnyow agan bownans     The years of our lives
ew deg ha trei ügens,                  are ten and three score (70)
poken, dre reson a nerth,            or else, by reason of strength,
pajar ügens                                   four score (80)

And here is part of 2 Samuel 19:35

O bloodh vy                                   My age
ew pajar ügens                              is four score (80)
solabres…                                     already…


[1]  This may also be <en-dadn>  in SWF , <yn-dann> in Middle Cornish

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