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Learn Late Cornish Bit by Bit 41 (Liking and loathing 1)

Liking and loathing 1

We can use the preposition gen, gans with (with slight modifications) with ew is, are (descriptive of bos to be) and da good to indicate whether you like something or not, e.g.:

Da ew gwin gwydn gene’vy.       
                                                I like white wine. (White wine is good with me.)
Ew da genow’whei tesednow?  
                                                Do you like cakes? (Are cakes good with you?)
Nag ew cor’ da ganj ev.                
                                                He doesn’t like beer. (Beer isn’t good with him.)
Dowr ew gwell gens’hei.              
                                                She prefers water. (Water is better with her.)

Other words can be substituted for da good to indicate other emotions, e.g.:

cas                                         hate, hateful
Cas ew gene’nei te heb leth.                   
                                                We hate tea without milk. …is hateful with us.

poos                                      reluctant (same word as heavy)
Poos ew gene’vy dhe wül hedna.         
                                                I am reluctant to do that. Reluctance is with me ..

mall                                        eager, keen
Mall ew gens’hei donsya.            
                                                She is eager to dance. She is keen to dance.

drog                                       bad, pain
Drog ew genam gwires.                           
                                               I hate spirits. I dislike spirits

Drog ew genev.                    I’m sorry. (preferred by Middle Cornish users)

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