Sunday, 18 January 2015

Learn Late Cornish Bit by Bit answers to test your progress 2

Answers to Exercise 2a

1 There is more bread on the table.
2 There aren’t any apples (at all) in the tree.
3 There were five women.              
4 Give me more cheese and a bit of bread.
5 She is eating bread with honey.
6 There was an apple in my pocket.
7 I ate bread without butter.
8 Was his cat beautiful?
9 She saw her cat.
10 There wasn’t (any) butter on the bread.

Answers to Exercise 2b

1 O hager?
2 Era mel?
3 Ev a welas cath[1].
4 Ma hei (owth) eva te heb leth.
5 Thera deg den.
6 Me a dheuth tre de.
7 Ro dhebm aval.
8 Ev a sedhas war an bord,
9 saw nag era tesen (veth)
10 ha nag era te (veth).

[1] The <th> at end of words such as <cath>, <dheuth>, etc. is “unvoiced”. It is pronounced like the [th] in English [moth], [pith], etc.

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