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Learn Late Cornish Bit by Bit 24 (Pronouns 4)

Pronouns 4

We have used the pronouns for singular individuals: me, vy I; ev, e’, va he; hei she; whei you (formal). These are some of the pronouns for plurals: whei you (plural) is the same as whei you (formal singular).
nei                                                      we
whei                                                   you

These are used with bos descriptive, e.g.

Lowen o nei.                                    We are happy.     We were happy.
Wheg o whei oll.                             You are all nice.  You were all nice.

Tho nei skith.                                  We are tired.       We were tired.
Tho  whei bagas da.                      You are a good group.    
                                                         You were a good group.

Nag o nei drog.                               We are not bad.   We were not bad.
Nag o whei coth.                            You are not old.   You were not old.

O nei bagas bian?                          Are we a small group?
                                                         Were we a small group?
O whei parys?                                Are you ready?   Were you ready?

Nei a vedh skith.                             We will be tired.
Whei a vedh rych.                          You will be rich

They are used with bos locative, e.g.

Thero nei o tebry tesen.               We are eating cake.
Thero whei owth eva dowr.          You are drinking water.

Nag ero nei o toas tre.                   We are not coming home.
Nag ero whei o moas ena.            You are not going there.

Ero nei o kelly an gwary?              Are we losing the game?
Ero whei o perna?                          Are you buying?

They are used with the preterite of verbs e.g.

Nei a dhabras tesen.                     We ate cake.
Whei a evas dowr.                         You drank water.

They can also be used after nouns to show possession, e.g.

an sira nei                                      our father
an kei nei                                       our dog
an treven whei                              your houses
oll an damyow whei                      all your mothers

en drev nei                                   in our town

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