Sunday, 18 January 2015

Learn Late Cornish Bit by Bit 37 (Having feelings)

Having feelings

By using a “mood” as the noun in the above construction using dhe to you have one way of indicating how you feel, e.g.:

Ma odhom dhebm a ...        I need … (literally There is need to me of …)  
Ma whans dhebm a ...         I want … (literally There is want to me of …)  
Ma edrek dhebm.                I’m sorry.[1] (literally There is sorrow to me of …)  

Ma odhom dhebm a garr nowyth.    I need a new car.
Ma whans dhebm a vona.                 I want money. 
As with any other use of Ma There is you form questions by using Eus? Is there? and negative statements by using Nag eus There is not, e.g.:

Eus odhom dhebm a vona moy?             Do I need more money?
Nag eus odhom dhebm a garr nowyth.   I don’t need a new car.

In conversation with other people you can talk about their needs and wants by using dhis to you (familiar) or dhewgh to you (formal or plural), e.g.:

Eus odhom dhis a vona moy?                 Do you need more money?
Nag eus odhom dhewgh a garr nowyth. You don’t need a new car.

[1] This is not the only way of saying “Sorry”.

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