Saturday, 24 January 2015

Learn Late Cornish Bit by Bit 40 (Pronunciation 2)

A Little Bit about Pronunciation 2

Wherever you have a pre-occlusion[1] after a vowel, the vowel is short, e.g.:

abm                                       a kiss                             
badna                                    a drop
dadna                                    under
labm                                      a jump, a leap                                   
gladn                                     a bank
hebma                                   this (m)
hedna                                    that (m)
hobma                                   this (f)
hodna                                    that (f)
cabm                                     wrong, crooked
mabm                                    mum
obma                                     here
pedn                                      a head
plobm                                    lead (cf Latin plumbum)
radn                                       a part, a portion
tabm                                      a bit
üdnek                                    eleven

[1] nn or mm in RMC. Pronounce with an unexploded b before m and unexploded d before n

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