Wednesday, 16 September 2020

2020 Day 260

 2020 Dedh Dew Cans ha Trei Ügens

De Merher, whetegves mis Gwedngala

Wednesday, 16th September 

Ma’n howl ow spladna en neb le aral, saw na ell ev lesky dhe ves oll an niwl òbma hedhyw. Thew an niwl anvodh dhe vos. Ma va ow cregy e’n barrow gwedh, crowdra e’n pansow ha sygera war gerow ancyent. Na ellama gweles an mor ha na ellama gweles Carn Breanek naneyl. Bettegens, my ell gweles kerry leb ew re üskis ha arwòdhow vorr (fordh). Mars eus üdn vorr dhegeys en neb telher, e vedh kerry môy en vorr aral. Na wora vy pandr’ew an whel. Hebask ew e’n gwelyow hedhyw. Nebes cala a veu pusorys en jorna howlek bes res ew nebes gòrtos rag howl moy. Cawrek ew an pusornow.   


The sun is shining somewhere else, but it can’t burn away all the fog here today. The fog is unwilling to go. It hangs in tree branches, loiters in hollows and idles on ancient hillforts. I can’t see the sea and neither can I see St Agnes Beacon. However, I can see cars that are too fast and road signs. If there is one road closed somewhere, there will be more traffic on another road. I don’t know what the work is. It’s peaceful in the fields today. Some straw was baled on a sunny day but some must wait for more sun­­. The bales are enormous.

Deg ger rag hedhyw: Ten words for today

anvodh reluctant, unwilling

arwòdh vorr/fordh (f) road sign

cregy to hang, suspend

crowdra to dawdle, loiter, linger, hang around

degeys closed

ker (f) hillfort, earthwork > (plural) kerow ~keryow

lesky to burn

pans (f) hollow, dell, dingle > (plural) pansow

pusoras to bale

sygera to idle, laze

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