Friday, 11 September 2020

2020 Day 255

2020 Dedh Dew Cans Pemdhek ha Dogans 

De Gwener, üdnegves mis Gwedngala

Friday, 11th September 

E’n dohajedh nei a gemeras agan flehes wydn rag kerdh e’n pow adro. “Pana peldar ew?” “Era nei ena whath?” “Ma’n garr vy ow cül drog dhebm!” “Pandr’ew hedna?” “Pandr’eus en toll na?” (Thera caf.) “Ellen nei debry an mor dû ma?” “Alja nei debry hegin?” “Debrys ew an scavel cronek vrâs na gen neb bestes bian.” “Thew an re na ow mes vy!” “Ew hedna winyk?” “Mir! Ma sethow war an welen na.” “Rag fra ew hei e’n le na?” “Eus nedras obma?” “Ew hedna bal gwir? Thera nei ow qwary ‘Minecraft’ war Xbox Tasek.” Nag ew kerdh gen flehes termyn còsel. Anjei a guntellas kemysk a daclow dhe whithra e’n chei: neyth edhen codhys, plüven wydn, tabm glow, neb tra ow tevy war dhelen dherowen.

In the afternoon we took our grandchildren for a walk in the countryside. “How far is it?” “Are we there yet?” “My leg hurts!” “What’s that?” “What’s in that hole?” (There was litter.) “Can we eat these blackberries?” “Could we eat haws?” “Some little animals have eaten that big mushroom.” “Those are my acorns!” “Is that poisonous?” “Look! There are arrows on that pole.” “Why is it in that place?” “Are there any adders here?” “Is that a real mine? We play ‘Minecraft’ on Dad’s Xbox.” A walk with children is not a quiet time. They collected an assortment of things to look at in the house: a fallen bird’s nest, a white feather, a piece of coal, something growing on an oak leaf.  

Deg ger rag hedhyw: Ten words for today

caf (collective) litter

hegin (plural) haws < (singular) hogan (m)

kemysk (m) assortment

ma … ow cül drog dhebm … is hurting me, hurts

nedras (plural) < (singular) nader (f)

neyth (m) nest

pana peldar how far, what distance

plüven (f) feather < (collective) plüv

sethow (plural) < (singular) seth (m)

winyk poisonous

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