Tuesday, 15 September 2020

2020 Day 259

 2020 Dedh Dew Cans Nawnjek ha Dogans

De Meurth, pemdhegves mis Gwedngala

Tuesday, 15th September

Comolek ew an ebòrn hedhyw. Ma cloud isel ha niwl. My ell aga gweles oll adro, ow qwaya gen an awel glor. Loos ew an liw hedhyw. Na ellama gweles an mor. Eus scath-gool warnodho lebmyn? Piw a wor? Na ellama gweles an trevbark nowydh naneyl. Nag ew hedna coll brâs! Gwedh war bedn an menedh ew gellys mes a wel ogastei. Terweythyow thens a wel, ha nena gellys arta. Nei a gerdhas war venedh aral ha lies edhen a dheuth dreus an ke. Oll dû ens ha brâssa avel gwenely. My a brederas a fylm gen Hitchcock – An Edhyn! Saw na wrüg an re na glena orta nei. Anjei a sedhas war an neujednow tredan, heb own. Na wòya (wòdhya) nei pandr’o en tû aral an ke. Martesen an tiek a wrüg ancresya an dor gans y jynn. Venja whei gweles liw spladn? Martesen bryony cogh?

The sky is cloudy today. There is low cloud and fog. I can see them all around, drifting in the breeze. The colour today is grey. I cannot see the sea. Is there a sailing boat on it? Who knows? I can’t see the new housing estate either. That’s no great loss! Trees at the top of the hill have almost disappeared. Sometimes they are visible, and then gone again. We walked on another hill and lots of birds came across the hedge. They are all black and bigger than swallows. I thought of a film by Hitchcock – The Birds! But these didn’t attack us. They settled on the electricity wires, without fear. We didn’t know what was on the other side of the hedge. Perhaps the farmer had disturbed the ground with his machine. Would you like to see bright colour? Perhaps scarlet bryony?

Deg ger rag hedhyw: Ten words for today

ancresya to disturb < cres peace (m)

a wel visible, in sight

awel glor (f) breeze you can also use gwens clor (m)

coll brâs (m) great loss

en tû aral on the other side

glena ort to set upon, attack, assault

gwaya/mos gen awel/gwens to drift (with wind)

mes a wel invisible, out of sight

trevbark (m) housing estate

wòya (wòdhya) knew imperfect of godhvos (silent w and dh)

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