Wednesday, 9 September 2020

2020 Day 253

 2020 Dedh Dew Cans Terdhek ha Dogans

De Merher, nawhes mis Gwedngala

Wednesday, 9th September

Eus gweles genowgh whei an nowodhow TV hedhyw? Thera an Kensa Menyster ow tegy tabm gwaneth ha gwlân war ascra y gôta. Ma va ow scodhya gonisegeth Vretednek (car dre hevel). E’n men termyn, an tiek a wrüg trehy an barlys saw ma’n cala whath war an dor. Jynnys brâs ew syger. Gleb ha niwlek ew an gewer. E’n dohajedh an niwl a dhallathas derevel, kenth ew topp Carn Breanek ew maylys en niwl po cobmol isel. Nag ew troblys an genisen wheg ma gen niwl po gwens et hy gwias kenisen gemweyth ha crev.  

Have you seen the TV news today? The Prime Minister was wearing a bit of wheat and wool on the chest of his coat. He is backing British farming (it seems). Meanwhile, the farmer cut the barley but the straw is still on the ground. Big machines are idle. The weather is damp and foggy. The fog started to lift in the afternoon, though the top of St Agnes Beacon is wrapped in fog or low cloud. This sweet spider is not worried by fog or wind in her strong jewelled web.

Deg ger rag hedhyw: Ten words for today

ascra (f) chest, breast, bosom

Bretednek British

car dre hevel so it seems

gonisegeth (f) farming, cultivation, agriculture

gwias kenisen (m) spider’s web, cobweb

gwlân (collective) wool

Kensa Menyster (m) Prime Minister

maylya to wrap, swathe, shroud, etc.

scodhya to back, support < scoodh shoulder

syger idle, inactive

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