Friday, 4 September 2020

2020 Day 248

 2020 Dedh Dew Cans Dogans hag Eth

De Gwener, pajwora mis Gwedngala

Friday, 4th September 

Pandr’eus gwelys genam ha my ow kerdhes adro ogas dhe Garn Bre? Ma carrygy brâs reb an trolergh ha derevys en vosow reb an vorr.  Nag ew hebma vos a veyn pecar’a an re et o lowarth. Reb an eglos ma vos a veu ownys – ow cara spas dhe’n wedhen ma. Ma lies gwedhen en ogas. Ew an wedhen ma aswonys genowgh? Ma losyow on warnedhy, saw nag ew hei na colwedhen na helygen. Hy frûtys ew pecar’a delsys bian, saw nag ew hei na saben na pinbren. Nag ew hei bythwer – hei a wra kelly hy del en kidnyadh. Gwernen ew hei.

What have I seen as I was walking around near Carn Brea? There are big rocks by the footpath and built into walls by the road. This is not a stone wall like those in my garden. By the church there is a wall that was repaired – to make room for this tree. There are many trees nearby. Do you know this tree? It has catkins on it, but it is not a hazel tree nor a willow tree. Its fruits are like little cones, but it’s not a firtree or a pine tree. It is not evergreen – it will lose its leaves in autumn. It is an alder tree.

Deg ger rag hedhyw: Ten words for today

bythwer evergreen < byth~beth + gwer

carrygy ~ kerrek (plural) rocks < (singular) carrek (f)

colwedhen (f) hazel tree

delsy (m) cone (pine or fir)

gara spas dhe to make room for

gwernen (f) alder

helygen (f) willow tree

losyow on (plural) catkins < (singular) lôst on

ownys repaired, mended < (verb) owna

vos a veyn (f) stone wall


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