Saturday, 5 September 2020

2020 Day 249

 2020 Dedh Dew Cans Dogans ha Naw

De Sadorn, pempes mis Gwedngala

Saturday, 5th September

Creunva a wodhvos ew pub encleudhva, bes whei a dal whithra dres an henwyn war an meyn co. Ma pub men co ow leverel dhen a dhüwon privedh, bes ma pictour brâssa ewedh. Fatel wrüg üdn teylû kelly pajar flogh bian a-jei dhe üdnek mis? E’n nawnjegves cansbledhen üdn flogh en pemp a verwas en dadn pemp bloodh. Ledhyas kebmyn o cleves cogh. Nag o rychys defens veth. E veu dhe’n teylû ma mona lowr rag men bedh, bes na alja anjei sawya aga flehes. An vledhen ew a vry ewedh. E veu kidnyadh pur leb ha gwav a dheuth derag y dermyn.   E veu hager awel gen ergh dhia’n est e’n gwav na – an gwettha rew en hanter cans bledhen hag ergh pur dhown. Aberplymm a veu üdn seythen heb dowr. Nebes flehes a wrüg dürya an vledhen na bes merwel an nessa bledhen. Otta gwers (Matthe 19:14) “Gerowgh an flehes vian dhe dhos dhybmo, ha na wrewgh aga dyfen, rag dhe’n re-ma yma gwlascor nev.” Bes na wrüg oll an benenes bewa dh’aga henys naneyl. Terweythyow benyn yonk, creiys “gwreg garadow”, a verwas en omdhon po golovas.  Plesys o radn an düs gen aga savla en bôwnans, gen aga whel. Nei a wel üdn mester gorsav hag üdn is-capten bal emesk an meyn co.

Every cemetery is a repository of knowledge, but you should investigate beyond the names on the memorial stones. Every memorial tells us of private grief, but there is a bigger picture as well. How did one family lose four little children within eleven months? In the nineteenth century one child in five died below the age of five years. A common killer was scarlet fever. Wealth was no protection. This family had enough money for a gravestone, but they could not save their children. The year is significant as well. There was a very wet autumn and winter came ahead of its time. That winter there was an easterly blizzard – the worst frost in fifty years and very deep snow. Plymouth was without water for a week. Some children survived that year but died the next year. Here is a verse (Matthew 19:14): “Suffer little children and forbid them not to come unto me, for of such is the Kingdom of Heaven.” Some of the men were pleased with their position in life, with their work. We see one station-master and one deputy mine captain among the memorials.

Deg ger rag hedhyw: Ten words for today

a-jei dhe within

cagas (m) monument

creunva (f) repository, reservoir, etc.

dhia’n est easterly

düwon (m) grief

encleudhva (f) burial ground, cemetery, etc.

godhvos (m) knowledge

hager awel gen ergh blizzard

ledhyas (m) killer

whithra to investigate, probe

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