Monday, 14 September 2020

2020 Day 258

 2020 Dedh Dew Cans Etek ha Dogans

De Lün, pajardegves mis Gwedngala

Monday, 14th September

Pana jorna teg! Ma mor dû war spedhas e’n keow ha ma flourys warnodhans ewedh – oll warbarth. Nei a vedn cawas môy terebo an gewer dhe dreylya. Martesen ma enevales ow còrtos rag treylyans e’n gewer. Ha my ow cuntel eyrin ha ploum my a welas deg po üdnek gwednel (po ens chicokys?). Ma othom dhebm a weder aspia. En kensa, thera anjei ow neyja oll adro, ow helhya gwibes, ha nena anjei a sedhas war nebes neujednow. Nag üjons kemeres own rag tredan. Ma viaj hir a-dheragtans. Ma nebonan ow cül devnydh vas a’n awel deg. Nag ew scathow-gool kebmyn reb an als noor – bes otta onan.  Còsel ew an mor ha ma gwens lowr.

What a lovely day! There are blackberries on brambles in the hedgerows and there are flowers on them as well – all together. We will get more until the weather turns. Perhaps animals are waiting for a change in the weather. As I was picking sloes and plums, I saw ten or eleven swallows (or are they house martins?). I need a telescope. Firstly, they were flying all around, hunting midges, and then they settled on some wires. They are not afraid of electricity. There is a long journey ahead of them. Someone is making good use of the good weather. Sailing boats are not common by the north coast - but here is one. The sea is calm and there is enough wind.

 Deg ger rag hedhyw: Ten words for today

a-dheragtans ahead of them, before them

chicok (m) house martin

gwednel (f) swallow > (plural) gwenely

gwibes (collective) midges > (singular) gwibesen (f)

helhya/helhy to hunt

kemeres own rag to be afraid of

neujen (f) wire > (pl.) neujednow

sedha to settle

spedhas (coll.) brambles > (sing.) spedhasen (f)

warbarth together


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