Tuesday, 1 September 2020

2020 Day 245

2020 Dedh Dew Cans Dogans ha Pemp

De Meurth, kensa mis Gwedngala

Tuesday, 1st September

Hedhyw tho vy an vysytyores. Theram en chei deffrans. Ma whans dhe vergh vy mos dhe’n Lesard, ow campya gans hy theylû. Ma othom dhedhy a nebonan dhe witha war hy bestes. Ma dhedhy peder cath, dew gònin brâs, dew hogh Gyny ha peder yar.  E’n gwelha pres, mons ow kemeres an kei ganjans – ha nag eus othom veth dhe’n owrbuskes e’n besklydn. Ma dhe oll an bestes aga boos specyal aga honan.  Pelha avel hedna, ma othom dhe’n cònidnas ha mogh Gyny a wora. Da ew gen an yer frûtys ha losow môy. Anjei a veu sawyes dhort bargen tir batri, ha mons ow tyly agan whecter gen gwerif. Ma dhodhans tabmow mool dhort aga dedhyow drog – saw ma nebes plüv ow tevy arta. Na ell an cònidnas bos warbarth – an eyl a wrüg brathy pis mes an scovarn y gila.           

Today I am the visitor. I am in a different house. My daughter wants to go to the Lizard, camping with her family. She needs somebody to look after her animals. She has four cats, two large rabbits, two guinea-pigs and four hens. Fortunately, they are taking the dog with them – and the goldfish in the fish-pond don’t need anything. All the animals have their own special food. In addition to that, the rabbits and guinea pigs need hay. The chickens like extra fruit and vegetables. They were rescued from a battery farm, and they repay our kindness by laying eggs. They have bald bits from their bad days – but some feathers are growing back. The rabbits cannot be together – one bit a piece out of the other’s ear.

Deg ger rag hedhyw: Ten words for today

cònin (m) rabbit > (plural) cònidnas

e’n gwelha pres fortunately

gwitha war to look after

hogh Gyny (m) guinea-pig > (plural) mogh Gyny

owrbuskes (plural) goldfish < (singular) owrbesk (m)

pelha avel hedna in addition to that, additionally

pesklydn (f) fish-pond

sawyes rescued, saved

vysytyores (f) visitor

yar (f) chicken, hen > (plural) yer