Thursday, 3 September 2020

2020 Day 247

 2020 Dedh Dew Cans Dogans ha Seyth

De Yow, tryja mis Gwedngala

Thursday, 3rd September

Nag üjy an düs a Resrüdh ow lavürya oll an termyn. Terweythyow ma franketh dhodhans dhe wül neppeth deffrans. Ha, pur dhiogel, radn brâs anodhans ew pensyoners. Aneylys ens – aga bôwnans whel ew gorfednys ha nag eus othom dhodhans a lavürya na môy. Fatel üjy an bobel ow tremena aga thermyn frank? My a welas den poran war bedn Carn Bre gans y gei (my a glôwas an kei ow hartha inflamyes). Na wrüga vy whath crambla emann dy. My a welas benyn goth gen kei gwydn ha  bian ow kerdhes en hens balweyth. E veu den en gwel gen sensor olcan. A wrüg ev whilas tresor? Po eus kellys ganjo y alwhedhow? Nebes tüs yonk a gar diwrosa en üskis e’n hens diwrosa. Gellys ens en teken! My ow honan? Da ew genam mires adro. My alja gweles an mor, killian, mor dû, grüg purpur ha whath môy.

The people of Redruth don't work all the time. Sometimes they have freedom to do something different. And, of course, a lot of them are pensioners. They're retired - their working life is over and they don't need to work any more. How do the people pass their free time (spend their leisure)? I saw a man right at the top of Carn Brea with his dog (I heard the dog barking excitedly). I haven't climbed up there yet. I saw an old woman with a little white and black dog walking on the mining trail. There was a man on a field with a metal detector. Did he look for treasure? Or has he lost his keys? Some young people love cycling fast on the cycle track. They are gone in a moment! I, myself? I like looking around. I could see the sea, a small copse, blackberries, purple heather and yet more.

Deg ger rag hedhyw: Ten words for today

aneylys retired (can also use omdednys)

dy ~ dhy there (when movement is involved)

franketh (m) freedom

grüg (m) heather

hartha ~ harha to bark

inflamyes excited(ly)

killian (f) small copse

poran war bedn right at the top

sensor olcan (m) metal detector

termyn frank (m) free time, leisure


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