Monday, 7 September 2020

2020 Day 251

 2020 Dedh Dew Cans Üdnek ha Dogans

De Lün, seythves mis Gwedngala

Monday, 7th September

 Skith o vy hedhyw. Na wrüga vy còsca etta newher. E veu flogh bian et agan chei. Res veu dhen gwary e’n mettin – ow terevel tour hir ken telher meythrin. Sqwithüs ew omweloryon, kenth ens welcòm! Òja hedna cuntellyans kessedhek war Zoom. Classow môy! Martesen my alja gwil class war Zoom rag redyoryon ha redyoresow ow blog. Eus nebonan dynyes? O an dohajedh hebask? Leun a drosow ha blasow o va. Üdn kentrevek a wrüg byldya ke ha thera tanjys dhe onan aral Thera edhyn ow creia - kelebmy coos ha pies cavalek. Ha thera jynn brâs meur y dros e’n gwel – meder – war an diwedh ma’n tiek ow trehy an barlys. My ell y glowas whath. E vedh mir deffrans dhe’n gwelyow avorow.

I am tired today. I didn’t sleep well last night. There was a little child in our house. We had to play in the morning – building a tall tower before nursery. Visitors are tiring, although they are welcome! After that a committee meeting on Zoom. More classes! Perhaps I could do a class on Zoom for readers of my blog. Is anyone interested? Was the afternoon peaceful? It was full of noises and smells. One neighbour was building a fence and another had a bonfire. Birds were calling – wood pigeons and argumentative magpies. And there was a big noisy machine in the field – a harvester – the farmer is cutting the barley at last. I can still hear it. The fields will look different tomorrow.

Deg ger rag hedhyw: Ten words for today

cavalek argumentative, quarrelsome

còsca to sleep

derevel to build, erect

dynyes interested, attracted

kenth although

kessedhek (m) committee

redyor (m) ~ redyores (f) reader

skith tired, fatigued

skithüs ~ sqwithüs tiring, wearying

telher meythrin (m) nursery, creche

tros (m) noise

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