Tuesday, 8 September 2020

2020 Day 252

 2020 Dedh Dew Cans Dewdhek ha Dogans

De Meurth, ethves mis Gwedngala

Tuesday, 8th September

Mis Gwedngala. War an diwedh ma cala, cala gwydn (kenth ew hei môy melyn avel gwydn en gwir etta). Trehys ew an barlys, ha greun hag üsyon a veu kemerys dhe ves. Ma’n cala war an leur en bernyow. Sevelyek ew jynn brâs reb an ke. Res ew dhe’n cala bos sehys gans an howl, nena pusornow ell bos gwres. Tonkin a scrifas “gwrewgh gorra an mosy dhe shâkya an cala”. Nag eus mosy war an bargen tir lebmyn. En termyn eus passyes an mosy a guntellas mor dû ewedh. Leun ew an keow a bub ehen a frûtys – mor dû, eyrin, lies oganen. My a welas nader margh vian ow powes war welen gala. A ellowgh whei hy gweles?

September, Month of Pale/White Straw. At last there is straw, pale straw (though it is actually more yellow than white). The barley has been cut, and grain and chaff were taken away. The straw is on the ground in heaps. A big machine is stationary by the hedge. The straw must be dried by the sun, then bales can be made. Tonkin wrote “put the girls to shake the straw”. There are no girls on the farm now. In the past the girls picked blackberries too. The hedges are full of every type of fruit – blackberries, sloes, lots of rosehips/haws. I saw a little dragonfly resting on a straw. Can you see it?    

Deg ger rag hedhyw: Ten words for today

bernyow (plural) heaps < bern (m)

cala (collective) straw > (singular) gwelen gala

gwydn white, pale, fair, blond, etc.

mosy (plural) girls (pre-SWF muzzy)

nader margh (f) dragonfly

oganen (f) rosehip or haw > ogan (collective)

pusorn (m) bale

sehys dried < segh dry

sevelyek stationary < (verb) sevel to stand

üsyon ~üshon (collective) chaff, husks <dialect ishans


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