Thursday, 10 September 2020

2020 Day 254

2020 Dedh Dew Cans Peswardhek ha Dogans

De Yow, degves mis Gwedngala

Thursday, 10th September 

Trosüs o an dohajedh hedhyw. Thera an hûjes jynn ow cuntel emann an cala drefen bos jorna teg – howlek ha segh. Nag ew an jomp còsel. Terweythyow nei a wel an ayr-ambûlans (helicopter-clevyon) ow neyja a-ûgh. Dewhelys ew an flehes dhe scol e’n seythen ma. Flehes leb ew trigys e’n dre ell kerdhes po diwrosa dhe scol, bes flehes e’n côst ma a res kemeres côch po minibus. Dre wal, an re ma a dheuth war aga bedn en vorr (fordh) ydn. Nebes tydn o. Res veu dhe nei gorra troos e’n ke! Nei a veu lôwen dhe gerdhes en trolergh còsel. Pana wel teg an mor!

The afternoon was noisy today. The huge machine was collecting up the straw because it was a beautiful day – sunny and dry. The countryside is not quiet. Sometimes in the town can walk or cycle to school, but children in this area have to take a coach or minibus. By chance, these encountered each other on a narrow road. It is a bit tight. We had to step into the hedge! We were happy to walk into a quiet footpath. What a lovely sea view! 

Deg ger rag hedhyw: Ten words for today

carr clevyon (m) ambulance (road vehicle)

côst (m) district, area

deweles to return

dos warbedn to meet, encounter

dre wal by chance

e’n dre in the town

gorra troos to step, set foot

gwel (m/f) view

tydn tight

ydn narrow

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