Sunday, 6 September 2020

2020 Day 250

 2020 Dedh Dew Cans ha Hanter Cans

De Sül, wheffes mis Gwedngala

Sunday, 6th September

Ass ew entanüs ow bôwnans! De my eth dhe shoppa. Hedna a veu an kensa termyn a-dhia dalla Covid-19. Thera avîsment reb an daras: Na wrewgh entra an shoppa mars ew an gòlow RÜDH. Gòlowow daras a wra treylya GWER beth pan ew saw dhe entra. Marhasna rag ow honan – ellama remembra fatel y wül? Res veu dhen degy mascow ha gwitha ombellheans sôcyal. Thera othom dhen a berna boos rag kidnyow Sül. Hedhyw, thera vysytoryon dhen – ostyjy yonk ha coth. Bloodh an yonca esel agan teylû nag ew bes pemp mis. Gorownter ev ew môy eus pajar ügens. Ma tylda et agan lowarth. Na, nag üjy agan ostyjy ow còsca dadn tylt. Thera nei y seha (segha) rag agan mergh. Re leb ew ev dhe vos gòrrys emann whath.  

How exciting my life is! Yesterday I went to a shop. That was the first time since the start of Covid-19. There was a notice by the door: Do not enter store if light is RED. Door lights will switch to GREEN when it’s safe to enter. Shopping for myself – can I remember how to do it? We had to wear masks and keep social distancing. We needed to buy food for Sunday lunch. Today we had visitors – young and old guests. The youngest member of our family is only five months old. His great-uncle is more than eighty. There is a tent in our garden. No, our guests are not sleeping in a tent. We are drying it out for our daughter. It is too wet to be packed away yet.

Deg ger rag hedhyw: Ten words for today

a-dhia since

an yonca the youngest

avîsment (m) notice, advice, information

beth pan whenever, as soon as

entanüs exciting

esel (m) member

gorownter (m) great-uncle

kidnyow (m) lunch, dinner (mid-day)

marhasna ~ marhasno to go shopping (for groceries)

tylda ~ tylt (m) tent


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