Wednesday, 2 September 2020

2020 Day 246

 2020 Dedh Dew Cans Dogans ha Whegh

De Merher, nessa (second) mis Gwedngala

Wednesday, 2nd September


My geth mes dhe gerdhes adro. Ma’n chei ma ogas dhe Carn Bre ha eglos Ewny. Ma kevys genam nebes kerrow (kerdhow) vas. En kensa, res ew dhebm tremena an vorr gleder (gen treusva leven). Ma yet ha dew wolow, an eyl rüdh ha y gila gwer. Ma cübmyas dhebm tremena mars eus golow gwer ha nag eus tren ow tos. Gwag ew an cleder. Mars eus golow rüdh, ma tren, ha na venjama tremena! Òja hedna, pana dû a venjama mos? E’n barh (barth) cledh my ell gweles an cleghtour an eglos Ewny hag e’n barh (barth) dyhow ma Carn Bre, gans y gastel ha men co. Ma Treveglos wheg reb an eglos ha tre vian henwys Carn Bre gen hel an dre vian. Ma hens diwrosa hir ha còmpes – esy ew dhe gerdhes warnodho.   

I went out to walk around. This house is near Carn Brea and St Euny’s church. I have found several good walks. First, I have to cross the railway (by a level crossing). There’s a gate and two lights, one red and the other green. I’m allowed to cross if there is a green light and no train is coming. The rails are empty. If there’s a red light, there’s a train, and I wouldn’t like to cross! After that, which direction would I like to go? To the left I can see the church tower of St Euny’s church and to the right there is Carn Brea with its castle and monument. There’s a nice churchtown by the church and a little village called Carn Brea, with a little village hall. There’s a long, level cycle track – it’s easy to walk on it.

Deg ger rag hedhyw: Ten words for today

Carn Bre (PN) Carn Brea, Hill Tor

clogh (m) bell, clock > (plural) clegh

cleghtour (m) church-tower, bell-tower (also cloghty)

e’n barth cledh to the left

e’n barth dyhow to the right

geth went (alternative RLC preterite to eth)

hel an dre (f) village-hall, town-hall

kevys found (past participle of cavas to find) SWFM kefys

treusva leven (f) level crossing < dreus/dres across

treveglos (f) churchtown, village with a church

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