Saturday, 12 September 2020

2020 Day 256

 2020 Dedh Dew Cans Whetek ha DogansDe Sadorn, dewdhegves mis Gwedngala

Saturday, 12th September

Plentethüs ew mis Gwedngala. Ma boos heb cost en oll an keow – mars ew possybyl dh’y dhrehedhes. Ma mor dû wheg obma – bes ma linek ow lettya vy. Ma dhebm gwedhen peren hir et ow lowarth, nebes bloodh coth, bes an vledhen ma ew an kensa termyn ma frûtys dres genjy. Pana trevas vrâs! My ell enjoya diw beren (keth ens whath glas). Martesen, nessa bledhen e vedh moy raga vy. My a welas an wedhen ma e’n gorlan Merther Ewny. Nag ew hei aswonys genam, saw my a viras en lever. Na ellama bos sür, bes theram ow crejy dr’ew gwedhen know Frynk. Nag ew an know arves. Piw a wra aga hafel?   

September is bountiful. There is free food in all the hedges – if it is possible to reach it. There are some sweet blackberries here – but there is a nettle-patch getting in my way. I have a tall pear tree in my garden, several years old, but this year is the first time that it has yielded fruit. What a big crop! I can enjoy two pears (though they are still unripe). Perhaps, next year there will be more for me. I saw this tree in (Merthereuny) St Euny church’s cemetery. I don’t recognise it, but I looked in a book. I cannot be sure, but I believe it is a walnut tree. The nuts are not ripe. Who will pick them up?

Deg ger rag hedhyw: Ten words for today

arves ripe

cafel to pick up, gather, collect

drei to yield, bring

glas unripe

gwedhen know Frynk (f) walnut tree

heb cost free, without cost

lettya to obstruct, hinder, get in the way

linek (f) nettle-patch

Merther Ewny (PN) St Euny’s grave/reliquary

plentethüs bountiful

trevas (f) crop


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