Sunday, 13 September 2020

2020 Day 257

 2020 Dedh Dew Cans Seytek ha DogansDe Sül, terdhegves mis Gwedngala

Sunday, 13th September

Trosüs ew an idhyowen ma hedhyw. Ma sawarn wheg dhedhy ha bewek ew hei gen gwenen ha gohy. Leun ew hei gen lies flour bian. Nag ew aga liw spladn bes mons ow tynya an prevyon – rag aga mel ha bleus flourys. Ma gwav ow tos – ma othom a voos creunys. Ma mel ow rei nerth, ha ma bleus ow cawas protên. Eus garr velyn dhe’n wenenen ma? Nag eus. Ma canstel war hy garr dhelher; leun a vleus ew. Sagh bleus ew. Ma criben vian dhedhy rag an bleus ewedh. Melyn (po rüdhvelyn) ew liw hedhyw! My a wras jam melyn – gen avalow, limavalow, jynjer, shuger – hag üdn beren (hanter ow threvas!). Ma margh ow howethes ow tegy pawgednow rüdhvelyn – pur gles rag dor meynek.

This ivy bush is noisy today. It smells sweet and it is lively with bees and wasps. It is full of many little flowers. They are not brightly coloured but they attract the insects – for their honey and pollen. Winter is coming – there’s a need of hoarded food. Honey gives energy and pollen contains protein. Does this bee have a yellow leg? No. There’s a basket on her back leg; it’s full of pollen. It’s a pollen sac. She has a little comb for the pollen as well. Yellow (or orange) is today’s colour. I made yellow jam – with apples, lemons, ginger, sugar – and one pear (half my crop!). My friend’s horse is wearing orange slippers – very comfortable for stony ground.

Deg ger rag hedhyw: Ten words for today

bewek lively < bew alive

canstel (f) basket

criben (f) comb (small)

idhyowen (f) ivy bush < idhyow (collective)

limaval (m) lemon

nerth (m) energy

pawgen (f) slipper, soft shoe, moccasin

protên (m) protein

rüdhvelyn orange (colour), reddish-yellow

sagh bleus (m) pollen sac

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