Friday, 1 January 2021

2021 Day One

 2021 Dedh Onan

De Gwener, kensa mis Genver

Friday, 1st January

Du Halan an Vledhen e'n kensa dedh ewa hedhyw. Re bo dhewgh bledhen gwelha avel 2020 - kerenja, cres, yehes ha sowena rag oll an norves. E'n nos e veu hager gowas keser. Cott o hei, bes hei a aras mantel a yey war an to.  An ebòrn a gleryas bes whath o hei yeyn. Thera kelgh liwys adro dhe'n loor, cabmdhavas dhort gwrîsow yey. (Calish ew kemeres foto - ow lagajow ew gwell avel ow hamera!) Bettegens, teg ew an loor dreth keser war an to. E'n mettin, an howl a wrüg sevel emann a-ûgh glesin gwydn. Eus determyansow dhe whei e'n vledhen nowydh ma? Nanj ew teyr bledhen, my a dhetermyas dhe scrifa blogg pub dedh. Etho, thew hebma nòmber mil pajar ügens ha whetek. En kensa nag era pictours veth, bes da ew genam levrow gen lymnansow. Nanj ew ügens bledhen, moy po le, my a scrifas eth lever sciensys lymnys rag flehes. (Na veu an lymnansow gwres genam ow honan - nag o vy lymnores!) An kevres o gelwys "En Chei Gen Sciens". Lebmyn my a dhetermyas dhe scrifa kevres nowydh rag flehes "En Chei Gen Kernôwek". My a dal dalla hedhyw! Na vedhens teg, bes my a vedh lôwen dh'aga gwil. 

It's New Year's Day today. May you have a better year than 2020 - love, peace, health and success for all the world. In the night, there was a hailstorm. It was short, but it left a mantle of ice on the roof. The sky cleared but it was still cold. There was a coloured ring around the moon, a rainbow through ice crystals. (It's difficult to take a photo - my eyes are better than my camera!) However, the moon was pretty through hail on the roof. In the morning, the sun rose up above a white lawn. Do you have any resolutions this new year? Three years ago, I resolved to write a blog every day. So, this is number 1096. At first there weren't any pictures, but I like books with illustrations. Twenty years ago, more or less, I wrote eight illustrated science books for children.  (I didn't do the illustrations myself - I am not an illustrator.) The series was called "At Home With Science".  Now I have resolved to write a new series for children - "At Home With Cornish". I should start today! They won't be beautiful, but I'll be happy to do them.

Deg ger rag hedhyw: Ten words for today

cott short (with reference to time)

determya to decide, resolve

Du Halan (m) first day of month

en chei at home

gwrîsow crystals

hager gowas keser (f) hailstorm

kelgh (m) circle, ring

kevres ~ res (m) series

lymnores (f) illustrator

sciensys sciences

yey (m) ice > yeyn cold


  1. Meur ras dhis a'n blogg-ma, Jan. Pub bonojedh da dhis rag an vledhen nowydh : y/ehes, sowena ha meur lôwena ... ha kebmys dhe oll an redyoryon e'n 2021 a-hes !

    1. Meur ras dhis, Neil. Gerow nei oll avonsya warbarth.