Sunday, 10 January 2021

2021 Day 10

2021 Dedh Deg

De Sül, degves mis Genver

Sunday, 10th January

Ass ew pigüs ow bownans! Agan mergh a dhros nebes vyctûals ha my a wrüg movya nebes stylednow levrow. Ow gour a viras orth pel droos war TV saw na veu tra veth dhe les ragam. Termyn my veu stüdhyores trigys veu vy en Loundres ha my alja mos dhe'n gwarivaow (discònt stüdhyoryon!). My a welas Fonteyn ha Nureyev en Romeo ha Juliet. Marthys o anjei. Ma'n esedhow ras pur ûhel ha pell dhort an wariva - bes an experyens o whath euthyk tra. Termyn aral my a welas Bale Kirov en Spartacus. Thew hedna whedhel adro dhe sevyans kethyon Roman. Ma mûsek teg dhodho (an thema kerenja ew meurgerys). My eth dhe concerts ha performansys gen canor po gitaryas aswonys dres oll an ves, rag sampel Charles Aznavour ha Manitas de Plata (diwla bian arhans).  Bale ha mûsek ew da lowr war TV ha radyo bes nag eus dhodhans an nerth avel performans bew derag presens an bobel.

What a thrilling life I have! Our daughter brought some groceries and I moved some book shelves. My husband watched football on the TV but there was nothing interesting for me. When I was a student I lived in London and I was able to go to the theatres (students' discount!). I saw Fonteyn and Nureyev in Romeo and Juliet. They were amazing. The cheap seats are very high and far from the stage - but the experience was still super. Another time I saw the Kirov Ballet in Spartacus. That is a story about a revolt of Roman slaves. It has beautiful music (the love theme is popular). I went to concerts and performances by a world-famous singer or guitarist, such as Charles Aznavour and Manitas de Plata (little hands of silver). Ballet and music are OK on TV and radio, but they don't have the energy like a live performance.

Deg ger rag hedhyw: Ten words for today

canor (m) singer

esedhow seats

euthyk tra super

gitar (m) guitar

kethyon slaves <keth (m)

pel droos (m) football

pigüs thrilling

sevyans (m) revolt, uprising

stüdhyores (f) student

stylednow shelves < estyllen (f)

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