Monday, 4 January 2021

2021 Day 4

2021 Dedh Pajar

De Lün, pajwora mis Genver

Monday, 4th January

Keniver jorna thera vy ow kerdhes, ha keniver jorna ma genam camera (po dew). Na ora vy nevra mater ow fotos aragdorn. Thew pub tra droglam lôwen - "serendipity". Martesen, my a vedn kemeres an foto perfeyth. E'n men termyn, thew ow fotos vas ha gwerik. An vorr (fordh) o gleb (ma fenten enny) ha thera an howl ow spladna war an eythin melyn ha gwedh amber. E veu dastewydnyans owriek ha glas e'n dowr. Isel ew an howl en mis Genver ha'n gwedh a dowl skeujow hir dreus an gwelyow. My a welas edhen en ke emesk greun idhyow. Üjy hei e'n foto? Nag üjy - hei a wrüg neyja dhe ves. Et hy le ma plastek en lerrups - kebmyn wòja troylyow mûsik. Tüs a jest - thens henwys "hosanow gwrahes"! Ma üdn ke en skeuj, ma'n tû aral an vorr en gòlow an howl. Ha liw an mor down ew pecar'a'n vorr leb.

Every day I walk, and every day I have a camera (or two) with me. I never know the subject of my photos in advance. Everything is a happy accident - "serendipity". Perhaps, I will take the perfect photo. Meanwhile, my photos are useful and helpful. The road was wet (there is a spring in it) and the sun was shining on the yellow gorse and amber trees. There was a golden and blue reflection in the water. The sun is low in January and the trees throw long shadows across the fields. I saw a bird in a hedge among ivy berries. Is it in the photo? It's not - it had flown away. In its stead, there is shredded plastic - familiar after music festivals. People joke - they are called "witches' knickers"! One hedge is in shadow, the other side of the road is in sunshine. And the colour of the deep sea is like the wet road.

Deg ger rag hedhyw: Ten words for today

aragdorn ~ deragdorn in advance

en lerrups shredded

e'n men termyn meanwhile, in the meantime

gwerik helpful < (verb) gweres (dhe) help

gwrahow witches < gwragh ~ gwrath (f)

hosanow knickers, tights

jestya ~ gwil ges to joke, jest

kebmyn familiar, common

perfeyth perfect

vas useful, good, suitable, etc.

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