Thursday, 7 January 2021

2021 Day 7

2021 Dedh Seyth

De Yow, seythves mis Genver

Thursday, 7th January

Hedhyw my a welas an howldrevel ha'n howlsedhes. Tredh an dhew, thera spladnder an howl. Thera gòlowder an howl saw nag era bes bohes tòbmder. Thera spaven mor: pur gosel o, drefen nag era gwens. E'n mettin, rew a wrüg glyttra, pecar'a adamantys, war veistry, gwelsednow ha delyow marow.  A wra an brially dürya? Nag era howl lowr war ledrow a-dâl dhe'n est, po en skeujow. Na alja an rew teudha ha whath o an prasow gwydn pa wrüg an howl mos dhor wel.  

Today I saw sunrise and sunset. In between the two, there was sunshine. There was sunlight but there was hardly any warmth. There was a calm sea: it was perfectly calm, because there was no wind. In the morning, frost glittered, like diamonds, on windows, blades of grass and dead leaves. Will the primroses survive? There was not enough sun on east-facing slopes, or in shadows. The frost could not thaw and the fields were still white when the sun disappeared.

Deg ger rag hedhyw: Ten words for today

a-dâl dhe facing, opposite

adamantys diamonds

beistry windows < beister (f)

cosel calm, still

glyttra to glitter, sparkle

gwelsednow blades of grass < gwelsen (f)

ledrow slopes (steep), scarp < leder (f)

mos dhor wel to disappear, go from sight

spaven mor (m) calm sea

tòbmder (m) warmth, heat

tredh between (you can also use ynter)

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