Wednesday, 13 January 2021

2021 Day 13

2021 Dedh Terdhek

De Merher, terdhegves mis Genver

Wednesday, 13th January

Ma'n gwens hedhyw ow tos dhort an west. Ma hedna ow styrrya drew ev gleb saw nag ew yeyn. Nag eus othom dhebm a hat gwlânek. Fortüdnyes ew hebma drefen bos ow hat kemerys gen cath. Na vedn an gath mos mes, bes ma'n gwywer whath ort omweles warnen rag has. Na aljama gweles Carn Breanek hedhyw. Loos ew, cüdhys gen glaw po niwl. Ma'n glaw ow tos dhort an west - res veu dhen fesky tre. Nag ew an tiek grevys gen glaw. Ma dhodho scovva war y jynn-tedna dh'y gemeres segh. Ma va ow trehy an keow gen jynn brâs. Moy es ew e'n jedh hedhyw vel en termyn eus passyes. Jynn ew moy üskis avel tüs gen viljyow trehy (saw moy strolek ew).

Today's wind is coming from the west. That means that it is damp but it is not cold. I do not need a woolly hat. That is fortunate because my hat has been taken by a cat. The cat won't go out, but the squirrel is still visiting us for seeds. I couldn't see St Agnes Beacon today. It's grey, hidden by rain or fog. The rain is coming from the west - we had to dash home. The farmer is not bothered by rain. He has a cab on his tractor to keep him dry. He is cutting the hedges with a big machine. It's easier nowadays than in the past. A machine is faster than men with cutting billhooks (but it is messier).

Deg ger rag hedhyw: Ten words for today

bos grevys gen to be bothered by

fesky to hurry, dash, hasten, etc.

gis coth old-fashioned

gwlânek woolly < gwlân wool

gwywer (m) squirrel

jynn-tedna (m) tractor

omweles war to visit

scovva (f) cab, shelter, etc.

strolek ~ strolüs messy, untidy

viljyow billhooks


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