Saturday, 9 January 2021

2021 Day 9

2021 Dedh Naw

De Sadorn, nawhes mis Genver

Saturday, 9th January

 Pandr'ew an afînansow còmpes rag Nadelik? Garlons hengovek a veu gwres a dhel bythwer, avallow saben ha funednow. Ma delyow prest gwer ow styrrya bownans vysqwethek.  Thew Cuitheyl chei brâs en Kernow. Del ûsyes ma dhodhans garlont gwres a flourys, trei ügens troshes en hester. Radn an flourys ew "vysqwethek", ma erel ew sehys. Pana dermyn a dal anjei bos cregys emann ha pana dermyn kemerys dhe'n dor? Rag radn an bobel ma'n sêson ow talla gen calander Adhwen (kensa mis Kevardhû, gen peder beister warn ügens) ha gwil diwedh gen Degol Stool. Rag nebes tüs erel nag eus bes dewdhek dedh a Nadelik. Hag an r'erol? Ma dogens dedh a Nadelik - dhort gordhûher ken Du Nadelik terebo Degol Maria an Cantollow. Eus garlons whath genowgh? Towlys dhe ves ew an wedhen Nadelik ma. My a vedn gwitha radn ow tekheansow bys dhe Whevrel.

What are the correct decorations for Christmas? Traditional garlands were made of evergreen leaves, pine cones and ribbons. Evergreen leaves signify everlasting life. Cotehele is a big house in Cornwall. They usually have a garland made of flowers, 60 ft long. Some of the flowers are "everlasting", others are dried. When should they be hung up and when taken down? For some people the season starts with an Advent calander (1st December, with 24 windows) and concludes with Epiphany. For some other people there are only twelve days of Christmas. And the others? There are forty days of Christmas - from the evening before Christmas Day until Candlemas. Do you still have decorations? This Christmas tree is thrown out. I will keep some of my decorations until February.

Deg ger rag hedhyw: Ten words for today

Adhwen Advent

avallow saben fir cones, pine cones

bythwer evergreen

cantollow candles < cantol (f)

Cuitheyl (Cotheyle 1302) OC wood by tidal flats

funednow ribbons < funen (f)

gwil diwedh conclude, make an end

hengovek traditional < of ancient memory

prest gwer evergreen

vysqwethek everlasting

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