Sunday, 3 January 2021

2021 Day 3

2021 Dedh Trei

De Sül, tryja mis Genver

Sunday, 3rd January

Ma gorgath drog dhebm. Da via ganjo cachya edhyn. Ma va ow còrtos colobmen coos, saw re war ew an edhen vrâs na. Codnyk ew hei ewedh - nag eus has na browyon whath war an pyllar. Na wôr an gath hedna. Ev a wra kelly perthyans. Dall ew cathes dhe liwyow. Na ell anjei cawas lowender en liwyow an mor, ow treylya pub pres. Hedhyw thew an mor indigo ha gwerdhlas - blou Turkek. Nag eus othom dhe gathes a wil erviransow. Bledhen nowydh ew pres dhe wil erviransow. A vedh an vledhen ma kehaval po deffrans? Eus dewis dhe nei agan honan? Hemm ew crowshens gwir. Rag radn ahanen hebma a vedh crowshens furvwir. Pur dha ew golok edhyn. Res ew dhodhans dewis peth dhe dhebry. A vedn anjei debry an greun rudh bryony ma?

I have a naughty tomcat. He'd like to catch birds. He's waiting for a wood pigeon, but that big bird is too cautious. It's also smart - there is no seed or crumbs on the pillar yet. The cat does not know that. He'll lose patience. Cats are colour-blind. They can't find joy in colours of the sea, ever changing. Today the sea is indigo and turquoise - Turkish blue. Cats don't need to make decisions. A new year is a time to make decisions. Will this year be the same or different? Do we have a choice ourselves? This is a real crossroads. For some of us, this year may be a virtual crossroads. Birds' vision is very good. They must choose what to eat. Will these eat these red bryony berries?

Deg ger rag hedhyw: Ten words for today

browyon crumbs

crowshens (m) crossroads

dewis (m) choice

ervirans (m) decision

furvwir virtual

gorgath (m) tomcat

gòrtos to wait for, await

gwerdhlas turquoise, green-blue

kehaval similar, the same, alike, etc.

war cautious, wary


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