Wednesday, 6 January 2021

2021 Day 6

2021 Dedh Whegh

De Merher, wheffes mis Genver

Wednesday, 6th January

Thew mis Genver termyn da rag tiogow dhe wil whel mentons hag amendyans. Ma'n plansow e'n gwelyow ow tevy en syger. Termyn ew rag trehy keow, palas cleudhyow ha derevel palys nowydh. Ma palys hir nowydh dhe dreven nowydh ewedh. Ma lies jynn brĂ¢s oll adro: jynnys rag palas cleudhyow, rag movya dor (hag orrach), rag degy oyl, rag gwakhe sumpfys. Ha terweythyow ma othom a vorrow ha yettys nowydh ewedh.

January is a good time for farmers to do maintenance and repair work. The plants in the fields are growing slowly. It's time for cutting hedges, digging ditches and building new wooden fences. New houses have new high wooden fences as well. There are lots of big machines all around: machines for digging trenches, for moving earth (and manure), for carrying oil, for emptying drains. And sometimes new roads and gates are needed too.     

Deg ger rag hedhyw: Ten words for today

amendyans (m) repair

cleudh (m) trench, ditch

en syger slowly

gwakhe to empty < gwag

mentons (m) maintenance

orrach (collective) manure

palas to dig

palys wooden fences

sumpf (m) drainage pit

tiogow farmers < tiek (m)

yettys gates

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