Tuesday, 5 January 2021

2021 Day 5

 2021 Dedh Pemp

De Merth, pempes mis Genver

Tuesday, 5th January

Dallath a'n vledhen o pur yeyn. Thera clehy ow cregy war nebes plansow en dadn londer ow tivera. An howl a deudhas moyha radn an rew ha keser, saw ma'n prei ma puppres en skeuj ha ma whath lownow yey warnodho. Nag era glaw hedhyw, etho jorna vas o rag kerdhes ha marhoga. Bes kemerowgh with en tremena an vorr. Otta carr clevyon ow fesky.  

The start of the year was very cold. There were icicles hanging on some plants underneath a dripping launder. The sun melted most of the frost and hail, but this clay is always in shade and there are still ice slivers on it. There was no rain today, so it was a suitable day for walking and horse-riding. But take care crossing the road. Here's an ambulance in a hurry.

Deg ger rag hedhyw: Ten words for today

carr clevyon (m) ambulance

clehy icicles, ice-bells < clehien (f)

divera to drip

fesky to hurry

londer (m) launder, gutter for roof water

lown (m) sliver, blade

marhoga horse-riding

prei (m) clay, mud

rew (m) frost

teudha to thaw, melt

vas suitable, good


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