Monday, 11 January 2021

2021 Day 11

2021 Dedh Udnek

De Lün, üdnegves mis Genver

Monday, 11th January

Ma art dhe wil dhebm omglowes cosel. Da ew genam tedna ha liwya. Gen pyncel po scübyllen et ow diwla my a ell lôwsel ha nakevy an bes. Ma lies dewis. Gwelow, taclow ha brithow abstract ew da. A via da genam delinya tüs po benenes? Ma nebes levrow gen descans - fatel dhe wil hevelebow - gwirhevelep ha hanter-gwirhevelep. Da ew genam art Keltek ewedh - letherednow en formys enevales.

Art makes me feel calm. I like drawing and painting. With a pencil or brush in my hands I can relax and forget the world. There are many choices.  Scenery, things and abstract painting are good. Would I like to depict men or women? There are several books with instructions - how to do likenesses - realistic and semi-realistic. I like Celtic art as well - letters in the forms of animals.

Deg ger rag hedhyw: Ten words for today

brith (m) painting

delinya to depict, portray

dewis (m) choice

gwirhevelep realistic

hevelebow likenesses, portraits < hevelep (m)

letheren (f) letter (written)

lôwsel to relax

nakevy ~ ankevy to forget

omglowes to feel

pyncel (m) pencil

scübyllen (f) brush

My a dhallathas blogg nowydh rag flehes.

I started a new blog for children.

At Home With Cornish 


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