Friday, 8 January 2021

2021 Day 8

2021 Dedh Eth

De Gwener, ethves mis Genver

Friday, 8th January

Ew hebma croglen las? Nag ew. Keser ew. Ma va war do gweder wòja hager gowas keser. Pur deg ew las. Ma nebes vorrow dh'y wil. Whei ell ûsya üdn neujen gen najedh (gwelen/cala), bagh po gwednel. Hedna ew gelwys las najedh. An neujen alja bos gwlân, bombas (coton), lin po owrlyn (gwir po serüs). Hei ell bos fin po tew. Las ell bos ûsyes rag afina dilhas (dillas) po daffar chei. Las plüvek ew moy gwiüs dhe wil. Ma othom a lies neujen troyllyes adro dhe dornow. Hanow aral ew las tòrn po las ascòrn (drefen bos tòrnow a-bres gwres a eskern po dans olifans). Nebes a veu gwres en Kernow.

Is this a lace curtain? It's not. It's hail. It's on a glass roof after a hail storm. Lace is very beautiful. There are several ways to make it. You can use one thread with a needle, hook or shuttle. That is called needle lace. The thread could be wool, cotton, linen or silk (real or synthetic). It can be fine or chunky. Lace can be used for decorating clothes or household goods. Pillow lace is more convoluted to make. It needs many threads wound round bobbins. Another name is bobbin lace or bone lace (because early bobbins were made of bones or ivory). Some were made in Cornwall.

Deg ger rag hedhyw: Ten words for today

bagh (m) hook

croglen ~ crogledn (m) curtain

gwednel (f) shuttle

gwiüs convoluted, tortuous

las (m) lace (KS lâss)

najedh ~ naja (f) (SWFM naswyth) needle

neujen ~ neusen (f) thread > pl. neujednow

owrlyn (m) silk

serüs synthetic

tew thick, chunky, fat

troyllya to wind


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